2020-2023. Explore archived albums or albums of the new and now.

May 2023


metal/black-metal/progressive rock/alternative rock/electronic: Sleep Token: Take Me Back To Eden. The UK’s anonymous worship collective are back and brazen in the face of Sleep. Not confining to the remit of metal, they are in every other genre going. Get this in your weeks’ playlist.

folk/post-alternative: BC Camplight: The Last Rotation Of Earth. An artist who is very much is in his own lane, comes to his final masterstroke. A harrowing epilogue of garish after-thoughts and heavy moments. This is Mr Camplight at his ultimate best.

alternative rock: HIMALAYAS: From Hell To Here. A dark haunting of hard rock has reached its pique. This is new everything. New band, new album, new sounds. Let’s get it.

neo-soul/funk: Q: Soul, PRESENT. A cracking piece of neo-soul and funky fragments encompassing everything we love about it. Sheer ’80s nostalgia shivers.

electronic-indie: Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Cool It Down. A blaring album of sparking return sees a thunderous showering of glitzy violin triumphants, archaic synth swells and mesmerising melodies.

spunky-punk: Comfort: What’s Bad Enough?: The world of punk has some newcomers. They’re to kick up a fuss for the best room and stay the night.

electronic / dream-pop: Avalon Emerson: & Charm: Emerson drops the DJ booth altogether for a shot at cornerstone dream-pop – and it’s a transition she’s seemingly taken like water off a duck’s back.

APRIL 2023


alt-indie: The National: First Two Pages of Frankenstein. A concise ninth studio album from a band seemingly on the ropes – with beautiful melodies and A-list guests to boot.

electronic: Mac DeMarco: One Wayne G. A 199-collection of forgettable demo tracks purely to aid (and abet) time. Snoozefest.

alternative jungle: Nia Archives: Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall. Jungle is massive – and so is Nia Archives. Blistering fresh jungle interspersed with legendary hip-hop engravings and RnB grooves.

hard rock/post-hardcore + trance: Enter Shikari: A Kiss for the Whole World. This is more than an album full of simmering hope and high-octane energy. It’s an album that well and truly saved the band too…

conccious rap / drum ‘n’ bass: Songer: SKALA. A rap trailblazing his own path for UK artistry, SKALA is socially-aware and unassuming.

rock: Foo Fighters: The Return with Rescued. The band embark on a sombre chapter with But Here We Are album June release and new single, Rescued since the passing of beloved friend and drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

Prog-jazz: GoGo Penguin: Everything Is Going to Be Okay: the prog-jazz giants return with a extremely spirited album of getting through it.

electronic-pop: The Cope: Oiche / Back to My Bullshit (video premiere): A step-away from the usual, this audio-visual short is nothing short of intelligent and enlightening.

post-alternative: Romi O: M2M (single): A forray of new and bold, a decisive style brought on by alternative sounds posed with an influx of punky spit.

alternative hip-hop: House of EL: Pull Up (single): Fighting talk from Brit’s answer to a Steve Lacy. A mighty compendium of alternative hip-hop for the ages.

rock-indie: Chappaqua Wrestling: Plus Ultra. An adventurous debut from a group navigating the whims of societal lows and normalities. A highly addictive listen.

post-modern punk: Wednesday: Rat Saw God: An unfurling of murky shoegaze, swept up with keen post-punk spirit. Wash it down with some D-grade merlot.

sad-indie: Daughter: Stereo Mind Game: A slaughter of ethereal sad indie – perfect for those indie cinema screenings. Coming to a soundtrack near you.

synth-indie: M83: Fantasy. A tasteful return for a man shunning commercialism and simply making what he wants.

heavy metal/emo rock: nothing, nowhere: VOID ETERNAL. A colostomy bag of powerful emo-rock interspersed with stalwart guests from the scene of heavy rock.

MARCH 2023


’80s synth-pop: EMAROSA: Sting. A psychedelia of nostalgia – 80’s synth style.

French indie/synth-pop: Christine and the Queens: LIVE. An ethereal powerhouse of epic proportion.

ethereal indie-pop: Caroline Rose: The Art of Forgetting. It was known that she recorded the majority of this album in the nude. Fitting that it’s an album at her own most honest as she bares it all in a shallow-dark pop album.

hyper-pop: 100 gecs: 10,000 gecs. Glitchy hyper-pop persists in an overload of senses.

indie-rock: Black Honey: A Fistful of Peaches. Gritty, gleaming indie-rock shows the Brighton quartet at their best so far.

alternative synth-wave: Fever Ray: Radical Romantics. A plunge into the rabbit hole of zesty alternative off the beaten track.

indie/lo-fi pop: The Angles: The Angles. If you’re looking for a more relaxed listen, you needn’t go further than this glowing power-pop alternative.

alternative grime hip-hop/rap: slowthai: UGLY. A frenetically broiled album from a traditionally vexed Briton. With power to boot.

psychdelic rock / alternative hip-hop: Lil Yachty: Let’s Start Here. An album rich in Tame Impala-enthused sounds and off-kilter vibratos; we’re in the skies.



world-folk: KAYAM: Omens. A unique delicacy for the ages, sibling-duo KAYAM are back with a mesmerising journey into the wonders of exploration and wanderlust.

funk-pop: Gorillaz: Cracker Island. Your favourite virtual inhabitants from a digital world are back and with it, comes the bolstered eerie cultist ethos of Cracker Island.

fierce post-punk: shame: Food For Worms. Highly experimental, inclusively bold and universally shame, this is post-punk at its best.

ethereal synth-pop: Caroline Polachek: Desire, I Want To Turn Into You. Work of such feat, this ethereal tapestry delves into the inner workings of dark love, lust and that insatiable feeling of being wanted – irrespective of the cost.

experimental hip-hop: Jean Dawson: CHAOS NOW.* Levitating anti-pop shows his intentions with experimental magic for the dart arts of seminal hip-hop, gloomy trap rap and fixated indie-rock fit for a teenage king.

lo-fi/soul-pop: Joesef: Permanent Damage. A self-aware debut from a self-made artist, the poetic soul-pop workings out is every bit personal as it is beautiful.

indie-rock: The Academic: Sitting Pretty. Enthused storytelling with depth to their work.

alternative rock: Paramore: This Is Why. After a six-year hiatus, everyone’s favourite pop-punk band are back. Not quite where we left them, but albeit older and wiser with songwriting dexterity to boot.



punk: Holy Popes: Holy Popes: gritty post-garage punk debut hits the mark… with ferocious power.

lo-fi alternative: JW Francis: Dream House. A lo-fi pop of colour!

post-punk: The Murder Capital: Gigi’s Recovery. Poetically dark and twisted in refinements, Capitals’ follow-up is a euphoric roar.

hard rock/post-punk: Billy Nomates: CACTI. A caustic visionary, Tori brings it all to the table in a personal cavity embraced with dark synths and languid lyrics.



world jazz/jazz afrobeat: Kokoroko: Could We Be More. A fusion of London’s best sounds bring it together in a a compilation of desire and passion. Celebrating an enthused moment of creativity, history and compositional brilliance.

soft indie: Japanese Breakfast: Jubilee. Nothing is more sweet than citrus. Maybe this album? A compelling story of melancholic indie-sweeteners to tide you through those evenings.



post-pop/indie rock: The 1975: Funny in a Foreign Language. One of the biggest bands on the planet return…at their most earnest.

hard rock: Crawlers: Loud Without Noise. Simply put, it’s fast hard rock for misfits.

world jazz / experimental funk: Ezra Collective: Where I’m Meant To Be. A thumping celebration of life with funk-adelics to shoot you through the roof.



alternative hip-hop / jazz rap: Loyle Carner: hugo. Abrasive lyricism at his most brutally honest, a capture of Carner’s most retrospective.

alternative jazz-rock / lounge rock: Arctic Monkeys: The Car. A timeless collective of debonair lounge-rock worthy for any French black noir film.

alternative hip-hop / jazz rap: Little Simz: The Mercury Magic of Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert. powerful and emotive. A masterpiece of an album worthing of winning this years’ Mercury Prize.

grunge / post-punk: October Drift: I Don’t Belong Anywhere. Visceral post-grunge brood with a worthy sophomore album.

grunge / post-punk: Gilla Band: Most Normal. Experimental workings out at their best, Gilla Band return in sparkling form with true gritty, Irish noise.

lo-fi / indie pop: Easy Life: MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE… pockets of lo-fi “pop-bop” delight in an album littered with no compromise.

alternative rock: Pizza Crunch: That Serene Age. One of the most exciting prospects to leave Scotland in the alternative rock sphere. Get involved on a need-to-know basis.

hip-hop / rap: Kid Cudi: Entergalactic. A wonderous soundtrack met with a dazzling animation to match.

nu-metal / hardcore: Slipknot: The End, So Far. The end of an era for some, the start of something great for many. It’s safe to say Slipknot are eroding the doubters.

indie-pop / dance: Superorganism: World Wide Pop. High energy fun rinsed with plenty of feel-good moments. Blast it to space.



alternative / rock: Pulled Apart By Houses: Reality Cheques. A fresh start with a fresh album.

alternative / post-punk: Sports Team: Gulp! A drizzle of light entertainment, the likes of Sports Team cannot be categorised per genre.

post-punk: Kid Kapichi: Here’s What You Could Have Won. True national spirit uniting one voice for change with straight-edged punk rock.

alternative / rock: Dead Pony: War Boys. A collective of battle-ready chorus to recharge the batteries.

indie-pop: Sunflower Bean: Handful of Sugar. A perfect backdrop for a coastal drive or a hippie commercial, it’s a worthy listen either way.

rock/hardcore: The Devil Wears Prada: Colour Decay. A deserving victory parade of post-hardcore rock laced with an experimental lick.

alternative post-punk: Porridge Radio: Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky. A fresh and poignant perspective to a world as confusing as ever.

indie rock: The Amazons: How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? The third studio album sees the band hit their first NO.5 album in the charts, as we see the same winning formula.

electronic dance: Two Door Cinema Club: Keep On Smiling

punk rock: WACO: Rock Spirit Absolute Joy



hard rock: Muse: Will of the People

emo-rap: $uicideboy$: Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation

alternative post-punk: Baby Strange: World Below

rap: Aitch: Close To Home

punk: KAMORA: Feel Alive (singles review)

punk: Shark Bait: Late Bloomer (singles review)

alternative rock: KASABIAN: The Alchemist’s Euphoria

alternative: Gorillaz: Demon Days

post-punk: BODEGA: Broken Equipment

electronic: M83: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

JULY 2022


punk rock: Viagra Boys: Cave World

blues rock: Jack White: Entering Heaven Alive

indie rock: Jamie T: The Theory of Whatever

jazz rap/lo-fi hip hop: Kofi Stone: Nobody Cares Till Everybody Does

jazz rap: Loyle Carner: Hate (single review)

hard rock: Shinedown: Planet Zero

indie alternative: Paolo Nutini: Last Night in the Bittersweet

JUNE 2022


indie-pop/disco: Foals: This is Yours

lo-fi indie: your artist spotlight:// VALA.

Alternative-Electronic: Bad Sounds: Escaping from a Violent Time, Vol. 1

MAY 2022


ROCK: Liam Gallagher: C’MON YOU KNOW

NU-FUNK/ACID JAZZ: Cory Wong: Elevator Music For Elevated Mood


ALTERNATIVE: Florence + The Machine: Dance Fever


ALTERNATIVE: Arcade Fire: We

GRUNGE ROCK: Artist Spotlight: Dinosaur Pile-Up

INDIE ROCK: Blossoms: Ribbon Around The Bomb

APRIL 2022


INDIE ALTERNATIVE: Single Spotify: Young Excitement by Pizza Crunch

INDIE ALTERNATIVE: Single Spotlight: Bad Friday by Everything Everything

ALTERNATIVE: Artist Spotlight: This is Alice Merton


ROCK: QOTSA: …Like Clockwork Album Review

GRUNGE/ROCK: Jack White: Fear of the Dawn Album Review

INDIE/ROCK: A Delectable Summer Starter … This is Daydream Runaways

BLACK POP: Making GRAMMYs History: Jon Batiste and the Importance of Celebrating Black Culture

RnB/SOUL: Our “Slop n Soul” Artist: This is the work of Curtis Harding

ELECTRONIC WAVE: Artist Spotlight: Bonobo

FUNK ROCK: John Frusciante’s Welcoming Return … and Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Unlimited Love”

MARCH 2022


INDIE ROCK: The “Magik” of Bloc Party: The Art of Alpha Games

POP PUNK: The “Downfall” of Machine Gun Kelly: mainstream sellout

ALTERNATIVE ROCK: Black Foxxes: Reiði Album Review





POP PUNK: How Avril Lavigne Has Turned Back Time: The Pop-Punk Revitalisation

INDIE ROCK: White Lies: “As I Try Not To Fall Apart” – Album Review

FOLK ROCK: Frank Turner: “FTHC” – Album Review

ALTERNATIVE INDIE: alt-J: “The Dream” – Album Review

ROCK: Black Country, New Road: “Ants From Up Here” – Album Review

POP PUNK: Jack Kays’: Blending With Substance



HARD ROCK: Down and Dirty with: Tigercub

BALLAD ROCK: Creeper: “American Noir” – Album Review

INDIE ROCK: The Wombats “Fix Yourself, Not the World” Album Review

INDIE ROCK: Spector: “Now or Whenever” Album Review

ALTERNATIVE ROCK: Twin Atlantic: “Transparency” Album Review

SYNTH POP: The Weeknd: “Dawn FM” Album Review

December 2021

You can view the collective few below:

INDIE: ISLAND: “Yesterday Park” Album Review

INDIE POP: Singles Review: Arlie’s karma.

POP PUNK: MOD SUN “Internet Killed the Rockstar” Album Review

November 2021


ROCK: Nothing But Thieves: “Moral Panic” Album Review

POP: Adele: ’30’: Album Review


ROCK: Angels & Airwaves: “Lifeforms” Album Review

POP PUNK: POORSTACY: ‘Party At The Cemetery’ Album Review

October 2021


INDIE ALTERNATIVE: Sam Fender: ‘Seventeen Going Under’ Album Review

ROCK: Don Broco: ‘Amazing Things’ Album Review

ROCK: Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes: ‘Sticky’ Album Review

FUNK/JAZZ: Your Next Artist: Too Many Zooz

INDIE: Artist Spotlight: Everything Everything

RAP/GRIME: Artist Spotlight: Burna Boy

POP PUNK: jxdn – “Tell Me About Tomorrow” Album Review

Most Recent: September 2021


ROCK: Artist Spotlight: Black Honey

GOSPEL ROCK: Sleep Token – “Your Place Will Become Your Tomb” – Album Review

PROGRESSIVE ROCK: Artist Spotlight: Plini

POP ROCK: Imagine Dragons – ‘Mercury Act 1’ Album Review

August 2021


HIP HOP: Kanye West – DONDA Album Review

POP: Lorde – ‘Solar Power’ Album Review

POP ROCK: Imagine Dragons’: Return of the Indie Mythicals



Most Recent: JULY 2021


POP: Billie Eilish: ‘Happier Than Ever’ Album Review

POP ROCK: John Mayer – ‘Sob Rock’ Album Review

POP PUNK: Willow – ‘lately I feel EVERYTHING’ Album Review

ALTERNATIVE ROCK: YONAKA – ‘Seize The Power’: Album Review

ROCK: Artist Spotlight: Badflower

ALTERNATIVE INDIE: Album of the Summer: Arlo Parks’ Collapsed in Sunbeams

JUNE 2021


ALTERNATIVE RAP: Tyler, The Creator – ‘CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST’: Album Review

HARD ROCK: Artist Spotlight: Black Peaks

POP PUNK: Artist Spotlight: Kenny Hoopla

HARD ROCK: Cleopatrick – ‘BUMMER’ Album Review

GOSPEL ROCK: Sleep Token – ‘Sundowning’ Album Review

MAY 2021


INDIE RAP POP: easy life’s ‘life’s a beach’ Album Review

INTERNATIONAL: Twenty One Pilots – ‘Scaled and Icy’ Album Review

ALTERNATIVE INDIE: Everything Everything: New Explosion of Life

BLUES ROCK: The Black Keys – ‘Delta Kream’ Album Review


FOLK: Gerry Cinnamon: The True Story Teller of Music

HARD ROCK: The Influence of: Pixies

ROCK: Black Pistol Fire: Look Alive

POP: Billie Eilish: Blurry World


APRIL 2021


ROCK: Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’ Album Review

ROCK: Thirty Seconds to Mars: The Majesty of ‘A Beautiful Lie’

INDIE ROCK: The Journey of Foals: What Went Down

JAZZ: Jamie Cullum: Profession of Jazz

INDIE: Alt-J: The World of Experimental Sound

INDIE ROCK: One Big Year: The Snuts

ALTERNATIVE INDIE: The Magic of Tame Impala: The Slow Rush

HARD ROCK: Artist Spotlight: cleopatrick

Most Recent: MARCH 2021


RAP: KSI: Breaking Boundaries

INDIE: Ben Howard’s Collections from the Whiteout

ALTERNATIVE INDIE: Kings of Leon’s When You See Yourself

POP: Aloe Blacc’s All Love Everything

LOCAL: Artist Spotlight: Chris Pidsley

LOCAL: Artist Spotlight: Michael Gallagher

HIP HOP/SPOKEN WORD RAP: The Rise of UK Grime: Dave + Ghetts

Most Recent: FEBRUARY 2021


METAL ROCK: Architect’s For Those That Wish To Exist

POP: Love Story: Why Taylor Swift is a Genius

INDIE LO-FI: The Rise of Powfu: death bed

ROCK: Foo Fighter’s Medicine At Midnight


January 2021


ROCK: The Downfall of Blink-182

ROCK: TYPHOONS: The Evolution of Royal Blood



Autumn/Winter 2020


POP PUNK: Machine Gun Kelly’s Tickets to my Downfall

ROCK: Biffy Clyro’s A Celebration of Endings


ROCK: Enter Shikari’s Nothing is True & Everything is Possible

POP PUNK: Neck Deep’s All Distortions are Intentional

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