Wednesday: “Rat Saw God” Album Review – An unfurling of murky shoegaze


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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Wednesday’s next and best is textbook grimly AMERICA.

Wednesday is a wake-up call. A blearing light in the oozy haze, the unfurling concoction of scathing Nineties shoegaze and classic county twang, brings a deeply empathetic and poignant album of a storyteller at the helm. With the might of Hartzman’s voice slicing through the bleary din, Rat Saw God is the Asheville quintet’s new patch of their murky underground indie rock, eager to leave the lights on.

It not only decimates a massive crater in the ethics of what we know as indie rock, but can also potentially paint Wednesday as one of the best and boldest indie rock acts right now. The ladlings of Chosen to Deserve is a Southern charm with its country jangles but at the centre, lays a composition – voice and noise – that doesn’t fit the same draw.

The biggest shock-relief is 8-minute stretch, Bull Believer. A swathing battle of Siamese Dream and Core throughout, it’s a blaring siren of noise from Lenderman’s guitar and Miller’s percussion before vocalist Hartzman seemingly breaks down in fits of rage. It’s not quite the sunshine indie that circumvents from the rest of America. In this dark patch, we set corn fields on fire.

It’s not just Wednesday leading the curve, replacing the nineties engravings with their own. There’s a-load of sticky collectives emerging from the undergrowth; feeble little horse, PACKS and Knifeplay to name all but a few.

Drowsy efforts on Bath Country brings home the true nature of the album – a shrine to minutiae of everyday life. Cutting up the trivial precise things of everything and feeding them to us in little spoonfuls, one song at a time. There may be only ten tracks on this record, but it’s no ho-hum in any sense of the word. The likes of Quarry sees the lighter side of the guys, projecting similar influences to Wolf Alice’s crude Vision of Life across the pond. But the album does possess problems of murky waters, as some songs feel drowsy, almost tiresome to carry on, so in their efforts, drones are filtered in to fill the space.

Either way, Wednesday’s Rat Saw God is a shining example of America’s darkest, a band teetering on the edge of bold triumphs and even bigger plans.

Funnily enough, Wednesday are in the UK this month, with them taking trip up north to Cargo in Manchester on the 12th next week, before heading back to Atlanta the week following before heading off to Birmingham’s (US version) Saturn on the 27th of April.

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