Don Broco: “Amazing Things” album review – a dazzling return to the lights


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Forever unique and diverse, the four-piece tribesman of Don Broco return with their 2018’s Technology follow-up of Amazing Things.

Usually, after a relentless success-story of a prior album, bands often resort to bettering themselves and going an extra mile to achieve the almost-impossible feat to topping their previous. Unfortunately, this has not happened here quite as they had hoped. Despite its fantastically anthemic tunes of Gumshield, Uber and One True Prince – that were all released via pre-singles – the album can come across often slightly bloated, and somewhat cringe, at times – inclusive of Rob’s incoherent work of yippe-ka-yay in Bruce Willis.

Despite this though, with its colour of creativity in embracing changes to song writing, the album is just fun, darn weird and experimental in places that pull the boundaries of how they are as a cohesive unit and – really bend the ever-so-tight workings of the genre they fit. Which, you can’t necessarily attack a band for doing such free writing within the album when the implores of conventionality come into play creating music.

The best two collectives together in the album is certainly Anaheim and How Are You Done with Existing? Amongst the harder edges, lie these two golden works that aren’t too afraid to stay calm as laid-back cuts. Together as a bounded story, they are the two that I will often pull myself to keep going back to, reeling myself in, eager to find out more about these songs upon every play.

With its colour of creativity in embracing changes to song-writing, you can certainly understand their reason to evolve their sound and create something unique that will certainly get those amongst them talking. Whatever your own verdict is of this album, you can tell that they just had fun working on it.


If you were an avid fan and follower of the band for many years, I would advise to stick this on for a few listens before coming to your final conclusion, because it may take a while to get used to.


3 responses to “Don Broco: “Amazing Things” album review – a dazzling return to the lights”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Am not too terribly familiar with Don Broco’s music, but based on your review, I listened to ‘Amazing Things’ on my walk this morning and I like it. As you pointed out, it’s somewhat uneven in spots, with a few misses like “Bruce Willis”, but overall, it’s a pretty good record. To my ears, their sound is a raucous blend of hip hop, alternative, metal & grunge, with elements of Rage Against the Machine, 30 Seconds to Mars and Bring Me The Horizon.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      It certainly is a raucous blend hahaha! Somewhat Limp Biskit-esque too with their meme-full lyrics.

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      1. EclecticMusicLover avatar


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