Crawlers: “Loud Without Noise” mixtape review – fast hard rock for misfits


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I think now we’ve got new dynamics, we’ve got new songs, and we’ve got a new attitude too and we just can’t wait to share music.”

Initially delayed at first from the week prior, dazed and swamped post-rock energiser Loud Without Noise is the bands’ second EP.

More brittle to the bone, Loud Without Noise is the band’s next step to a more mature approach to songwriting, all the while perfecting fierce waves in the world of rock.

When Come Over (Again) was first heard back post-lockdown within the Merseyside music scene, there was superior speculation over what direction the band were originally go to. Despite ‘alternative rock’ now an umbrella term for any who can’t pin down a band, Crawlers just aren’t that. Moreover, they’re a band that can’t – or don’t – wan’t be pinned down to one genre or umbrella term. Simply put, they make what they want to make.

I turned up the noise, so I don’t have to think:// A potent concoction of whatever drip-fed dirt they want to get out of their clothes, Crawlers tackle sex, drugs and identity in a flurry of different genres that suits all members – who equally have different musical tastes. The meaning, Loud Without Noise, reflects more so about how its an effort to drowning out your anxieties with music or the media. No song is more true of this than Hang Me Like Jesus. A real spanner in the works compared to the corrosive counterparts, I Can’t Drive and I Don’t Want It, which is all punky angst; Hang Me Like Jesus is a poignant move that really reimburses a new mature direction to their songwriting escapades. Capturing a moment in singers’ Holly Minto’s personal relationships feeling like a burden – “Hang me like Jesus’ is obviously a metaphor, how Jesus felt like he was sacrificing himself for the sake of others. Which is what I felt like I did for this relationship” – it is Crawlers at their very best and at their most impactful. While Fuck Me (I Don’t Know What to Say) plays homage to unwarranted love in a teens’ kiss-and-tell scenario, the tonal nature of Hang Me Like Jesus makes you stop the head-banging during a far more private affair.

The new 6-track mixtape also features emblazoned sand-out I Can’t Drive and Too Soon, a single very much inspired by the robotics of Muse’s Drones, it is a mixtape that is very that. A mix of alternative rock, hard rock, metal, punk rock and indie rock. All vague umbrella terms that don’t really set themselves apart from the next, but still. Always worth the listen..

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