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Dowsed in nothing but sunshine, Easy Life implore us to return to the meandering waves of beautiful modern living with their debut, Life’s A Beach.

Ever since their debut single, Pockets, blew up online in 2017, they have been triumphantly souring into everyone else’s pockets as their installation of melodic indie pop/hip-hop hybrid of indulgence is added to playlist favourites.

We first heard the boys’ fascination with the seaside from their debut EP, creature habits mixtape with Ice Cream in 2018. Signing to Island Records the following year, brought about more musings of modern life as they craft classics like, nice guys, dead celebrities and sangria with fellow lush-romantic, Arlo Parks.

After their anticipated EP, Junk Food in 2020, it would only be a matter of time before their debut was created. Hence, one year on, here we are. With us in the UK edging further towards a sense of normality with adventures, holidays and enjoyment, this album couldn’t have come at a better time for us all. A perfect ample-soundtrack for beach lovers, it is a true enriching compliment of their past crafting aswell as their future sounds.

The FIRST segment is the slow descent into missing your chance on the train back home with ocean view, annoying familiarity with it all in skeletons and thinking of love lost with daydreams.

The SECOND segment of the album is one of sombre intrigue and melancholic flavourings that we have not really heard from their style as of yet.

The juxtaposition in the relationship tale between optimistic have a great day to wishful thinking daydreams and finally to the sinking-ship familiarity in lifeboat – it a fantastic journey.

Much like its album artwork of the bobbing car in the beautiful blue, the album’s concept teeters on uncertainty and tranquility with heartbreak at the coast.

Despite the bubbly potion-pourings of delight, lyricist Murray draws on its sombre stories of mental health and modern living issues.

… After all in the end, life’s a beach is a surprising reminder that despite all its beauty, the seaside can be a pipe-dream, eventually trawling us into a nightmarish landscape – all the while, giving us everlasting hope of having a taste of the old …

Witty and poignant, life’s a beach is such a pleasure to listen to.

4 responses to “easy life – ‘life’s a beach’ Album Review”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Was not familiar with Easy Life, so checked out a few of their YouTube videos, and they’re great. I especially like “Skeletons”, though the video for “Ocean View” is pretty wonderful.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, I love them, honestly one of my new favourite bands from this last year – they’ve really blown up! Kudos to all their successes they’ll get heading into this summer of touring and live music!

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