//Mama always told me, “Be a man”
That I should get my shit together for real while I can
Like yeah, whatever
I said “Mama, you don’t understand”
Cause I’m gon’ be stupid famous and rocking in a band.\\

Like most British alternative acts, we don’t like to do things by halves. Bitter and ruthless on studio approach, we as Brits always have a point to prove against our comrades across the pond. Often spewing out an argument of somewhere along the lines of “being here first.”

Mixed up in a settlement dispute between sounding like a Nirvana-Foo Fighters crossover, Dinosaur Pile-Up’s fuzzy alt-rock anthems have eclipsed into a territory of rocking “hard ass” as a burning example of that grunge revival sound, for which they are duly noted. Led by British singer-songwriter Matthew Bigland – despite singing with an American tinge – has been gone through the ringer in terms of the bands line up.

But one thing that has remained consistent is how they sound in the studio. So damn hard.

Charting breakthrough singles, “11:11” and “Back Foot” from third and fourth studio albums respectively, they possess a dirty hardcore punk ethos all the while demonstrating a grounded approach to keeping songwriting as straight-edged as possible.

Perhaps why I enjoy their work so much is the startling comparisons they make to Cobain’s Nirvana and Grohl’s Fighters. Thrash Metal Cassette can often be heard as playing homage to Foo Fighters’ “White Limo” and Grime Valentine bringing back similarities to Nirvana’s “Drain You,” as the slugged vocals and huge bass lines ring true on both.

Whether or not this is down to their commercial success, Dinosaur Pile-Up can be seen as a diamond in the rough. Simply lost in the smog somewhat all the while continuing to haul ass, enjoying their thing at the moment.

I was fortunate enough to watch them supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes earlier this year, and they were so hard-edged and clean-cut. No pussyfooting around, their music is a sheer powerhouse of alt-rock/grunge noise. Some favourites of mine – that take more of a unaltered backseat to their ordinary routine – would be Derail, White T-Shirt and Jeans and Long Way Down.

3 responses to “Artist Spotlight: Dinosaur Pile-Up”

  1. Crandew avatar

    Wow! Great band, love their sound and energy. Rock on!


  2. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    I also hear traces of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine in their music too.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Oh yea deffo! Seriously enjoyable music. Rage Against are a pivotal influence to a lot of newer upcoming bands in the grunge-y world.

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