Bad Sounds: “Escaping from a Violent Time, Vol. 1” – Your EP Review


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//Once two brothers butting heads, now an outlandish duo at the top of their game.//

//Sympathetic Vibrations: Symbiotic by genes and symbiotic by nature, Bad Sounds were once a taste of disparate thoughts siding from two ends of musical perspectives. Now, relapsing from their mistakes, they realised their potential when they came together as two.

Harnessing a mixture of stitched-up hip-hop bedroom beats with the soulful dystopia of MJ and Curtis Mayfield, their illustrious loft sound was created.

The coffee/croissant medley to go Sympathetic Vibrations leads the forefront in cementing their sound. Taken from the frantic scribblings of Amtrac’s lyric book, it is a soon-to-be instant classic harnessing those Metronomy synth sea-breeze waves. Permanent follows, a funky alter-ego alternative with an edgier groove to fit. This pick of the bunch is no doubt Callum’s doing, as it leans on more the influences of the fibres of Mayfield’s funk and soul. Breathe and Jenny chase dutifully behind, a fitting tribute to those retro video game soundtracks as they become universally 8-bit electronic.

Those bedroom beats are not too far behind a funky drum groove or jittery keyboard chords however, wilfully reminding us of the duos music influences. To me, the EP is seen out with Hard Times. A sombre reality check that this EP did indeed come out in the angst of the lockdown… but then we can forget all about that anyways because summer is here as Sympathetic Vibrations plays! Love it.

Bad Sounds? Unlikely.

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