Songer: “SKALA” Album Review – One of the most exciting voice to emerge from UK rap


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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fearless new voice from UK Rap’s Underbelly, comes Songer and his fourth: SKALA.

An engimatic storyteller set to forge his own directions, SONGER has an undeniable presence in the world of UK rap. Earmarked with his potent narratives and lyrical eloquence, SONGER has been dancing around suave bass-lines and 8-bit beats since the waves of 2019’s Dreamworkz. Now, returning from his last album The Sunrise Project, SONGER is poised to blow up yet again.

Say what you will, SONGER appears to be a different kind of rapper. A testament to his artistry, the 22-year-old storyteller has amassed a cult-like following – all from the shed in his parents’ garden. Of course, no label, no booking agent, no strategy – just momentum all of his own back.

Of course, SKALA‘s announcement of a new album has not just popped up out of nowhere. The album lands with firm foundations of Love is a Lottery and Golden (Soul Food) already released, where critically praised, have provided ample spotlights as SONGER as the most exciting rappers to look out for this year.

Unapologetically, welcome to Skala.

The album itself starts with a stalwart opener. A darkly emphatic conscious rap with an unsettling piano motif sets the precedent of what to expect from the 16-track monster ahead of us. A feeling very much in the depth of Dave,

Whether it’s the sun-sauntering funky workings of That’s Money to the art-deco of Big Steppa, “every songs’ a f*cking coldplay, the sun and stars’ yellow” or to wavy Bitter Sweet For Me, the album is as everlasting as is prior. While Ease The Pain is Songer at his most commercially viable, it is universally Drum ‘n’ Bass and made perfectly for the sun. Golden (Soul Food) is Songer at his most relaxed, a lo-fi rap additive to help us relax. The collab with D Double E on 4:59 is real old-school drum ‘n’ bass, the 49s’ lashing out on a true classic drum beat.

A true mastery welding both conscious UK rap and classic drum ‘n’ bass wispy beats, Songer’s SKALA is my soft spot – and a true way forward into the world of new.

From May 14th, SONGER will be commencing an 8-date tour of the UK, which will include a night at London’s very own Scala, his – most fitting – and biggest London venue to date. Six out of the eight dates sold out on the day of announcement, with the Scala, London show selling out within the hour – an extra date at Scala has been added due to demand.
The tour will be SONGER’s second UK headline tour; his debut tour last November 2022

The UK tour will be imminently followed by 5 dates across Europe this June, with stops at key cities Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Paris. This will be SONGER’s debut headline European tour.

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