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It’s always colder here in February, once we’re acquainted with the Autumn leeaaaaaaves

You wouldn’t expect Brighton to hail such gritty markups – but it seems that a love of skateboarding, gruff DIY punk and partying is a universal sentiment everywhere.

After earning a pretty decent number of fellow punk-dwellers that seemed to stick with them from their westside back-alley shows and releasing haphazard self-releases going on multiple European labels, their origin story is about everything we expect from such punk traditionalists.

That was gnarly, dude. Brimming with confidence and a sizable outfit to boot, these punks never expect to last the full hog and retire in music. How very bland. But instead it’s always best to go out with a bang, rather than to simply fizzle out. Unless you’re Blink, of course.

Their collection in 2014, Chronicles of Gnarnia geared up History Is Bunk, Community, Stability, Identity and Limerence as clear favourites emerging from the swampy deluge of their neighbouring songs, showcasing Gnarwolves’ signature sound nothing short of loud, fast and frank skate punk music. And we expected nothing less.

|| Iwasborninastraitjacket. Iwasborninastraightjacket. Iwasborn. Iwasborn. ||

What followed was a mammoth four years. Debut album in ’14, opening for Blink-182 during their Italian dates, USA tour alongside Modern Baseball. Follow-up EP in ’15, following by two subsequent European and UK tours. Sophomore album, Outsiders in ’17 – seen as their most melody-conscious with Shut Up – with its follow-up UK tour performing every song ever. A Gnarival, if you will. Their first Asian tour in Japan with Dagger Mouth in late ’17. Open for debate, the band announced they were going on a break early ’18 and with them being on that same break since. Assumption of a break-up at this point, no?

Whether you fit the bill with your Thrasher merch or whether you’re just an addict to down-and-dirty two minute flashes of sodden punk, Gnarwolves are a perfect segway to introduction or a perfect addition if you’re down that rabbit hole already.

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