POORSTACY – “Party at the Cemetery” Album Review


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Cathartic works of the devil, POORSTACY’s latest stitch-in-the-vest is beautifully timed, and themed, all in time for Halloween weekend.


Tilted and crooked in places, Party at the Cemetary has moments of heretics of the well-versed punk anthems with the self-titled and Jump. But then jumps to moments of gelatinous mess as walls of sound take over the mix. Although not nearly as rehearsed or thought-out as other comrades in the genre of punk, it still packs a mighty wallop and as always, is fun to listen to.

As if it is perfectly written for spooky season, the theme of album is perfectly poised around dancing demons and celebrating amongst the Day of the Dead. Although a disappointing result with some stand-out tracks awash amongst fillers, I figured it as a good blog discussion as any, considering it’s October!

Have a blast of this bad boy below and let me know your thoughts. *Also, don’t dig too deep into the lyric side of things … *

2 responses to “POORSTACY – “Party at the Cemetery” Album Review”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    A “gelatinous mess as walls of sound” indeed! On the whole, I love it! It’s the perfect soundtrack for those times when I just want to tell everyone to FUCK OFF! And really, isn’t that something we all need from time to time?

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeeess absolutely! I’m so glad you said this, my friend. Sometimes it’s all we ever need. Perfect carnage soundtracks for those moments. Hope you’re well!

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