Superorganism: “World Wide Pop” album review – nonstop universally wonderful


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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When eight artists collided together to conjure up Something For Your M.I.N.D in 2017, the world stage was well and truly set.

Don’t Let The Colony Collapse:// The sprawling, multi-limbed collection of international artists, known as Superorganism are back. Charting the stratosphere, as they tackle the infinite versus the intimate, the fusing of minds come together to produce World Wide Pop.

A non-stop odd-pop bop of artful decor, WWW brings together a cognitive explosive of audio techno-colour, as it tackles the reality of living in a virtual stratosphere of magical machines and those hideous black phone boxes. A smilier pathing which their self-titled debut did in fact, four years ago, with Everybody Wants To Be Famous leading the charge about spending too much time online.

Solar System, help me out:// Their second attempt is a far more colourful and wistful soundscape, perfect for perplexing disco raves across the moon rock sky, narrowly missing those shiny planets as we get a little bit too into brazen opener, Black Hole Baby – a celebratory champagne moment with the band being back in all their glory; all for them to discuss about the world ending: “And now I’m working hard/My whole life is a montage/Leave some tips in my crib/Feels so good to be this big/But oh no, here’s the gravy/The dark horizon huge in size/And everything is changing/My spaceship’s started crying..”

As a whole, WWW is a perfect memento to the magnificence of our brazenly brilliant and quirky universe.

Splitting the atoms, the individual creative on here is non-stop wonderful. On & On is a go-lucky indie cheer into the fragments of time, whereas Teenager is a real interstellar moment of trying to avoid the unavoidable by growing up. Flying is a literal pop-tart torso Nyan Cat, fast and glitzy as you whizz through the sky. Solar System has inflections of SPRORGNISM, a more brooding monologue of seeking support in an ever-confusing system of sparkling magic and turning cogs, passing into stand-out Into The Sun, a song very much portrayed as the theme of Summer this year, its catchy hooks and echoic instruments are interstellar: “Don’t mind me, I’m just a fruit fly that’s floatin’ on by, just floatin’ on/And I can’t even look you in the eye/And the world’s spinnin’ ’round and ’round and ’round..”

Following a similar thesis to 2017’s self-titled, Put Down Your Phone is a slapstick allegory of doing exactly that and just so you’re not tempted again, throw it in the sea for good measure, eh? So, try putting it down!

As you’re listening to this
On your shitty little dumb device
Jeff Bezos is making $3K a second
Improbable, I know
So, get a proper look at yourself
Do you really need all this
Extra measure of self-care?

The rest? The rest is more of the same really. and Oh Come On come across as satellite-stingers, a jumble neither lacking creativity or structure and would only really work with such an oddity like Superorganism, that aren’t exactly afraid to add as many synthetic sound as possible. Turning more “traditional acoustic”, the album is wrapped up with Don’t Let The Colony Collapse and Everything Falls Apart.

Transcending to the skies, SUPERORGANISM are back to their stratospheric best with WWW.

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