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Quirky London music-making boy returns with yet another indie triumph

Luxurious indigo-indie with a eccentric reception to follow, London-based music-making boy Chris Pidsley is set to turn heads with his eclectic blend of sorrowful quips and tales that draws inspiration from Vance Joy and Kodaline with “Quirky”, “Cinnamon” and his most recent release, “Alex’s House” leading the way in Pidsley’s sound.

Whilst lockdown has been a difficult time for most musicians – especially with the lack of live music gigs and tours allowed to go ahead due to restrictions – Pidsley has been getting his thoughts to paper, marking himself in the musician head-space, as he adds six singles to his growing collection since the first lockdown in March.

His latest, Alex’s House, is a sincere triumph and truly sparkles Pidsley’s quirky flair and writing approach to making music in his bedroom. Perfect for any lazy Sunday playlist or for those scenic beachy walks with sand in between your feet, Pidsley’s music sits comfortably among the greats who Chris himself follows in admiration for ideas – for whom he will surely see himself in the same bracket in the future.

Simply easy-listening, it marks a venture into the world of catchy licks, outlandish quips and fast-paced beats –

a world Chris will surely circle back too.

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