White Lies: “As I Try Not To Fall Apart” – Album Review


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With an album and a tour to boot, White Lies are greasing the spokes again.

While White Lies seemed briefly muzzled in eclectic songwriting from the the colossal debut, To Lose My Life… in 2009, to now in 2022, As I Try Not To Fall Apart is a righteous reckoning for those who thought White Lies were just going through the motions a little bit too willingly.

After dissecting Fairwell to the Fairground back in November with White Lies really coming into the frame for intellectual indie, they’re hot off the press with their widely anticipated sixth studio album … – As I Try Not To Fall Apart.

Their sixth instalment plays a beautiful homage to male vulnerability and simply stating “it’s OK to not be OK” among a time where questioning integrity is rife most within society. The self-titled track of the album is a sultry pop hymn-like confession that lies solely as the centre piece in this stretched work of 10 songs.

Invoking inflections from Franz Ferdinand’s back pocket, piping-hot-on-trend I Don’t Want To Go To Mars seeks out a revoke to the rich boy-billionaires’ space race plan as we seek out an unwarranted planet, when ideally, our mankind dreams just stay on our own current ball of rock – instead of simply playing God.

This topic of discussion blends into Step Outside and Roll December as it continues the re-buttle of escaping your own space and seeing the world through someone else’s perspective.

Soft, moderate Keane rock, White Lies enter the fray, and enter the jungle of synth-indie soft rock bands.

While nothing merely original – that neither lacks depth or emotion, however – it is safely enjoyable to listen to and an exciting to see that they’re going back on tour since their 10th Anniversary rendition of To Lose My Life … Which, ironically, looks like they’re coming back to life.

2 responses to “White Lies: “As I Try Not To Fall Apart” – Album Review”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Thanks for the review. I love the album art. My family has a long marine tradition, so seeing those flags is cool.

    If I have but one wish, it’s that the best tracks aren’t the ones they add later. For example, with Five, to me the best track was Hurt My Heart, which they released after the album. I’m by no means saying Five sucked, because it most certainly didn’t.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Nooo you’re right there. It certainly lacks its oomph when those pre-release singles are sent off .. because they’re always the best ones.


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