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Relevance is an important factor in an industry that changes like the wind, and no one understands this more than ’00s pop-punk prom queen Avril Lavigne. After seventh album Love Sux throttled into high gear under the roster of Travis Barker’s label, DTA Records, we all knew it was going to be a resurgence like none other.

Yet, Lavigne’s pop-punk return is just one more step to a pivotal three-fold plan orchestrated by punk pioneer by Travis Barker and his record label, an illustrative design to reshape, rekindle and revitalise the magic of 00’s pop-punk. Spurred on from key figures Machine Gun Kelly‘s Ticket to my Downfall and JXDN‘s Tell Me About Tomorrow … Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux is the perfect nostalgic throwback to the dimensions of 2002.

Where corduroy jeans and ragged flannels were the new and simple love pop-punk adulterations were the norm, Love Sux is a carefully constructed and catered-for album that relinquishes consistent high-energy pop-punk bangers.

Thankfully, Lavigne’s 2019 Head above Water is a far cry as the Canadian returns to her roots with vengeful lead, Bite Me and Love It When You Hate Me. The revitalisation project doesn’t go without its tasteful collaborations that makes the delectable genre exciting and refreshing. The likes of blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly and Barker’s Blink-bandmate Mark Hoppus hop on to a modern take on a once forgotten genre that was once only fit with older-generation has-beens.

Nothing but Complicated, it is a modern take from an artist who was seemingly being lost to history, with just a recreation of her Let Go album … all but 20 years on.

Immensely fun to listen to, I commend you to do the same, especially if you just want a blast from the past.

2 responses to “How Avril Lavigne Has Turned Back Time: The Pop-Punk Revitalisation”

  1. I’ve said it before. The pride of Napanee has come a long way. She hasn’t aged. Given how harsh the industry can be (and life as an artist, to be fair), it’s no small feat. The new stuff is not half bad either.

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