Cultivated by a fusion of dancehall, Afro-beat reggae, Burna Boy has since become one of Nigeria’s fast rising-stars.

Inspired by the affluence of Afro-beat bops from his native country and the dancehall beats from the shores of Sandy America, a genre would converge that would soon become his signature sound. Simply sultry and effortless, Burna Boy has acclimatised to global stardom since the early 2010s.

After catching his performance in New York’s Central Park live on television a few weeks back, we instantly fell for his funky Afro-beats, enjoyable stage presence and have been enjoying his music since.

Whether it’s your particular style or not, I would recommend to give his music a try. Maybe if it’s just the one time.

2 responses to “Artist Spotlight: Burna Boy”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Now listening to his songs, and I like his voice and vibe. He’s been featured on songs by some heavy hitters – Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, Jon Bellion & Ed Sheeran.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, he certainly has! Stormzy too. Certainly pushed his name out there more, but I prefer his own flair on his own music.

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