A Delectable Summer Starter … This is Daydream Runaways


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If you like your music with a splash of colour and a lick of life to it …

then you shouldn’t have to worry with these lot.

Nothing short of “feeling Alright” like our good friends from Supergrass said in the ’90s, Daydream Runaways are clean and fresh, ready to hit us with a wave of 2000s indie-rock nostalgia adorning their lovable comic book references.

Gravity and Crazy Stupid Love were the first to come out. Gripped to the nostalgia associated with the colour scene of proper Brit-indie/alternative quips of Mystery Jets and Razorlight, it was the first taste we saw from them.

Before we knew it, they had an EP out in 2020, which went by the name of Dreamlands. Featuring a fairground wheel and a Helter Skelter beckoning us in to their fairytale escape, all we could do was simply oblige, take our shoes off and dive in.

Now blossoming into a fruitful summer in 2022, we get to see what they’ve all been up to – and what sort of year they’re set to have.


Keeping up with their splash of indie colour and scribbles of comic book references {“I was swinging around the city/you gave this butterfly his wings”} Butterflies has a mix of unbridled tongue-and-cheek from Doherty’s Libertines and the catchy embellished hooks that we’ve seen so prevalent with Ricky’s Kaiser Chiefs.

Worth a listen for a freshening blast to the past.

This is Daydream Runaways.

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