jxdn – “Tell Me About Tomorrow” Album Review


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Prolific pop-punk poster boy, jxdn is next in line to the prevention of punk extinction by number-defying and genre-defining into the world of music.

Since his explosion on TikTok brought an attractive following, his independent debut single, “Camatose” not only racked up over 50 million plays but also got the attention of pop-punk prodigy and inspirational teacher of Travis Barker and his label DTA Records, which he immediately signed him to.

Now he’s here with a full flourished, and an un-compromised telling with his debut, Tell Me About Tomorrow. It’s the usual concoction that has the same winning, fantastic formula. Personal pop anthems with catchy licks and smack–your-face lyrics that are a real joy to listen to, without having to think too much what the bloody hell you are listening to. That’s the beauty of pop punk. Un-adulterated, easy listening music without any of the questions.

Although young un’ jxdn is certainly following in the footsteps of maestro, Machine Gun Kelly – who embraced his genre split with both hands – with close familiarity and dissonance to his music, it is still one you can whack on for a cheap 2-minute thrill. That said, I think it can be fairly impossible to write a pop punk song without those same four chords, talking about drinking, adolescence and lost love. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work, now would it?

Favourite go-tos at the moment are trap beat-inspired BETTER OFF DEAD and of course, WANNA BE with fellow compadre, MGK sharing the mic.

Let me know your thoughts on Tell Me About Tomorrow – is it tightening the noose on pop-punk adequate and stifling the competition or is just all fun and games and necessary for the reunited return of pop punk?

6 responses to “jxdn – “Tell Me About Tomorrow” Album Review”

  1. theatrealtair avatar

    Great !


    1. manvmusic avatar

      Thank you, my friend. I know it’s not typically your cup of tea but let me know your thoughts if you get around to listening to some of this guys work.

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      1. theatrealtair avatar

        no no, the punk music / punk dream is precious ! I didn’t know this guy – then you’re my “eyes” – ok, rather my ears 😀

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      2. manvmusic avatar

        Hahahah that’s fantastic!

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      3. theatrealtair avatar



  2. Yernasia Quorelios avatar
    Yernasia Quorelios

    💜 The ‘she’ is important too; don’t be be fooled by gender separation


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