IDLES – “CRAWLER” Album Review


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The fourth studio release sees IDLES in a brand new texture – with all the colours we’ve come to love already.


With a striving lunge forward, CRAWLER strives for a stronger indulgence of reflection. It hones in on a more inclusive approach to delivering songs with moments of interlacing beauty and anger within one another.


IDLES have never been one to take a step back and reflect on their angsty actions – especially from that of an idled punk band. But ever since frontman Talbot left therapy, he realised he was angry at all the wrong people. Since then, he has been able to create more thought-provoking dramatic ballads that certainly have more depth and feel to them. Forerunner pre-single, The Beachland Ballroom is a prime example of this. Understanding where they are as a band – rather than running through the motions and living in it – they’ve been able to create an album with vivid stories, wild imagination and a sense of escapism into their ever-fixing worlds.


“It was writing selflessly that helped make it possible. Reflecting. Telling my own story. Not trying to tell everyone else’s story. Not trying to fix the world – just talking about how I am fixing mine.” -Joe Talbot


Although not featuring the usual raucous rock anthems that shake the walls like we saw in Ultra Mono, it is a refreshing texture to a band that seemed far too brazen-faced to change. It puts the band in a better – and far stronger – place as a sharply-dressed outfit in the world of punk rock music.

You can catch IDLES perform their fourth album works as they strive for a mega UK/Ireland tour in January 2022.

6 responses to “IDLES – “CRAWLER” Album Review”

  1. Tales from the Neon Beach avatar
    Tales from the Neon Beach

    Great review and I love this album. I even have a ticket for Manchester in January. Great band, with a lot of decent albums in the bag now.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah thank you, my friend. Fab band with a fab retrospective album on their belts. Me too! I’m set to see them live in Brixton London next year in Jan – I can’t wait! .. As sad I am about them not playing Model Village anymore ..

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  2. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Your insightful review is the 2nd I’ve read for this album, so had to give it a listen. IDLES is certainly a uniquely amazing band.


  3. the press music reviews avatar
    the press music reviews

    Thanks for the review, I have come around to this band. Would love to see them live. Another great job from you MvM

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah bless you, thank you kind sir! Yeah, I’m set to see them live in London next year in Jan .. and I can’t bloody wait! Thanks for the support as always 💪

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