Tyler, The Creator – CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: Album Review


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A true connoisseur, Tyler The Creator has created his Igor-follow up with CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Gorgeous, hip, outlandish and perfectly Tyler, the seemless – and quite frankly, flawless – album transitions from one breadth to another, with the outros blending perfectly into another deflective motion of the album dialogue. This time, it’s the bodacious star of Sir Baudelaire.

The wacky, indigenous instrumentals and the lyrical ingenuity that we hear in Hot Wind Blows, MANIFESTO and RISE! is the perfect radio soundtrack riding in our Cadillac’s and Pegassi’s in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto.

In what may have been a difficult turnaround for Tyler to adapt from after writing the stellar concept of Igor, Tyler has made the executive decision of blending the elites of Goblin, Cherry Bomb, Flower Boy and Igor into a fantastic trope of easy-listenin’ lo-fi hip-hop that just is so fun to play. You can certainly he had fun making it, too.

With many others thinking that CMIUGL is the apotheosis of his past art, I couldn’t agree with them more. It has glimpses of old Tyler and new Tyler that is beneficial to all fans of the artistic evolution that is .. Tyler, The Creator.

3 responses to “Tyler, The Creator – CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: Album Review”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Based on your glowing recommendation, I gave “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” a listen, and it’s so good.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah, that’s fantastic to hear! Yeah, it really is a stonker of an album ..

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