Artist Spotlight: This is Alice Merton.


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Pilfering through the roster of bolstering rock from last summer to this years’, one song lurched out from the rest. A real cream of the crop, the plastering bassline-drum combo – not too dissimilar from Manson’s Beautiful People lore – and the angelic trepidation with the vocals drew me in to a pretty stalwart chorus. This is Vertigo.

Merton is not exactly a start-up either. More like a seasoned veteran, 8x platinum and performing at the esteemed Coachella, I’m often at wonderment how I never have come across her name before in the music “ether.”

Drawing likeness from Hayley Williams’ solo stuff to the fleshed-our character of Barns Courtney’s The Attractions of Youth and finally landing on the raw edge with YONAKA’s female empowerment, it is no doubt allowed her to develop her own sound that is so Merton. From a more poppy springboard with MINT in 2019, will we expect to see a more rock direction into 2022?

This is Alice Merton. This is Vertigo.

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