Shark Bait: ‘Late Bloomer’ singles review – fast and stalwart alt-punk


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Hailing in the heart of South Yorkshire, 4-piece Shark Bait don’t do things by halves. Gritty with an earnest complexity that we hear from the likes of Neck Deep and former skateboard-punks Gnarwolves, Shark Bait are simply just out to have fun and make a gaping bite in the process.

Sidled with equally-earnest fellow punk chemists, Wimbledon Alley and Back Garden Light, Shark Bite have earned their place within an ever-growing and ever-expanding alternative and post-punk scene in the UK. Be it down south in the underbelly of Camden’s Underworld or further up north on the canvas at Leeds’ Key Club, you can be sure that we’ll always come together to celebrate new music worth celebrating.

Shark Bait’s next anticipated single ‘Late Bloomer’ is out on all platforms 19.08.22.
A hard hitting, fast paced pumper sounding like the love child of Weezer, Neck Deep and Taking Back Sunday, the song wastes no time before the clean catchy vocals start, easing you in to a false calm, before the ferocious storm rolls in unexpectedly, taking you on a 3 minute whirlwind of modern Pop-Punk genres. ‘Late Bloomer’ is a song about being stuck in life, being a total disaster and not having much option but to just roll with it, all the while seeing the friends around you grow up and out of bad habits, ticking off life goals while you stand seemingly stuck in place.

You don’t want to miss out on any excitement sparked by these lads, so make sure to find out more via their website.

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