Nia Archives: Championing DIY spirit


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Nia Archives is arguably one of the most talked about newcomers breaking into the jungle circuit.>>

Jungle is Massive; and so is Nia Archives.

The female producer, singer-songwriter and visual artist distinct aesthetic and virtuoso style has trail-blazed the cleanest cuts onto the jungle scene. Its not just Old Skool jungle that we see her in, mind. It’s an intoxicating blend of narcotic hip-hop, soul and mocha-Jazz with inflections of samba rhythms to represent one of the most talked-about artist last year and this year.

Those raw-style videos of her ventures around London is when the interest was piqued for the artist.>>

From the seedy confines of the Boiler Room jam in London 5 months ago to the make-or-break headlined slot on the coveted We Out Here Festival this year in Dorset – a festival solely designed for those out-there artists – MOBO Award-winner Nia leads the way for the next generation of junglists – and one of the few female artists actually headlining a festival this Summer. Marching on with her 2021 marking, Forbidden Feelingz, Nia has since released a coveted 6-string EP.

Bolstered by the DIY Jungle-aesthetic of the greater capital, Nia Archives’ EP titled, Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall, it features Baianá and Conveniency. She has been the pivotal force of “tearing it up” for club music and has been so important to the future of genre known for its transient movement. The R’n’B jungle hook of No Need 2 Be Sorry, Call Me? is a cleanse for the soul made even more enriching with the likes of Maverick Sabre’s warm vocals. This follows So Tell Me… a story depicting a once-loved couple departing made into a dreamy jungle-trance destined for festival fields this Summer.

Inspired by the likes of M-Beat, Justin Jay’s I Know and of course, Nectax’s Gold Soul, Nia Archives brings the best of Jungle grooves with an insatiable mix of sedated hip-hop/soul that allows Nia to rise above the rest.

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