Enter Jack Kays. A 22-year-old musician born in the depths of Ohio charting culinary wizardry -by being a trained chef – and reaching musical heights learning 10 instruments and writing all his own music. Which, has resulted in mass stardom in musical substance blending lyrical thought-provoking sermons into hybrid hip-hop, punk-acoustic trailblazers.

I’m not saying that his rise to musical acclaim was over night but .. it kinda was. Ever since he released his debut single, MY HEAD 😦 – a trap beat inspired work about depression – in 2021, he has since explored the plethora of twisting conversations and stories of his own life with MY MIXED EMOTIONS and MY FAVOURITE NIGHTMARES in the same 7 month span, his story is immeasurable and really taps into the brutal simplicity of what works in such a saturated market of music.

His music has even caught the eye of one ambassador, Travis Barker with the drumming protagonist bringing his own flair to SIDEWAYS and OUTRUN MYSELF. Two massive pre-singles that have amassed millions of streams already. A true workaholic in a game of reputation, I’m sure this self-made lad will go places.


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