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Doing it with Flair: The County Durham musician drops emphatic Summer single

If it’s one thing that Michael Gallagher has mastered – it is crafting the catchy tales of music.

Infused with the spirit of the best of both worlds – contemporary indie rock and pop – Gallagher has returned to his best form with single, Lula.

With his debut single, Yesterday, coming out at the back end of October, new music from the Teeside local lad has been a long time coming. We’ll let him off, as he’s returning with sheer quantity in style.

Emphatically bright and annoyingly catchy, Lula allows Gallagher to hone in on his craft yet again – mixing guitar-infused elements from Britpop giants Oasis, as well as bringing tongue-in-cheek lyrically from the likes of The Wombats – Gallagher has no plans to start slowing down anytime soon.

With the song not only giving bold-as-brass vibes drawing on late-night encounters, it also gives off vibes for the perfect Summer-anthem song. As we dive towards a hopeful summer filled with live music, will we expect to see Michael on a stage or two?

You can view Lula at your usual place where you listen to your music.

You can also view the music video below if you want the visual:

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