The Return of Foo Fighters: “But Here We Are”


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On the 19th April, Foo Fighters have announced a bittersweet return to the ether of music with their first taste of new music since the passing of beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins with the highly charged, highly emotive Rescued.

Taken from the album, But Here We Are, the bands’ most emotionally powerful album to date, set to be released on 2nd of June.

After more than a years’ anniversary after Taylor Hawkins’ death in Columbia on the 25th of March last year, comes But Here We Are, their eleventh studio album – and one with the most meaning behind it all. In an ode to Taylor, the album artwork can be seen in pure white – perhaps a figment to heaven and Hawkins’ forever home – and we see a glimpse of new music from the band, with Rescued. Seemingly powered with Dave on the kit in true Foo style, Rescued gives off sprinklings of Foos’ In Your Honour of 2005, aswell as the ebb and flow of 14’s Sonic Highways.

As ever, Grohl has got through his pain and feelings through the best medicine of all – his music. As he pours his heart out onto paper, we hear quite an emotional – and angry – frontman bellowing, “It came at a flash / It came out of nowhere / It happened so fast / And then it was over.”

It then kickstarts into a pent-up bridge with Dave perhaps speaking directly to the fans, “Are you thinking? What I’m thinking? Is this happening now? Are you feeling? What I’m feeling? This is happening now!”

The song ends in a frantic flurry of melded heavy rock guitars, punk sensibilities, driving melodies and not to forget, Dave’s roar as they set a precedent to all – they may be down for now, but they’re most certainly not out.

A truly raucous, joyous, bittersweet relief for both the band and the fans having new music out from one of the biggest acts to emerge out of the alt-rock boom of the ’90s.

All the while feeling slightly dejected that Taylor is not at the throne, but no doubt making him proud. In Your Honour, Taylor.

Can you hear me., hear me screamin’?

Breaking in the mutied skies

This thunder heart, like bombs beating

Echoing a thousand miles

Mine is yours and yours is mine

There is no divide

In your honour, I would die tonight

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