100 gecs: “10,000 gecs” Album Review – a sheer overload of glitchy pop


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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

No, this isn’t your Spotify having a hissy-fit. This is just 100 gecs letting it all out.

Sometimes music doesn’t need probable cause to exist in our music libraries, sometimes it doesn’t need a reason as to why it is the way it is. And sometimes, we need a soundtrack for the Internet. You needn’t look further than this misfit cultivation of glitchy stitching.

Dubbed as ‘hyperpop‘, comes 10,000 gecs: the second studio album and the major label debut for both Laura Les and Dylan Brady.

Scavenging the scraps on whatever they can get their little grubby mitts on, they manage to weld the upheavals of matrix-electronics, rap juice and distorted alt-rock into dangerous machines – and you can’t help but wonder if it’s malfunctioning – or just part of the plan.

Lead refrain of Hollywood Baby is textbook misfit-alt rock (that’s not without it’s punk stabs and unendurable autotune) making it a lethal banger amongst a tribulation of other lethals. Whilst glitchy follow-up Dumbest Girl Alive delivers tropes of feverish hip-hop/trap works that we saw on Travis’s SICKO MODE; before Dylan delivers a pain-relief anecdote to the immaterial wading of life.

I’d imagine they’re a duo that don’t want to be taken too seriously – especially with the freak side-exit of Frogs On The Floor, a basement-dwelling amphibian who needs some space – or how about the antics of wave-crush mememe; that seems to just be a run-through of Mario’s Rainbow Road on mushrooms. Or how about Doritos & Fritos, a song that sounds like it’s been made by an AI in error, as it horrendously rhymes burrito with Danny DeVito. Then, the premise is flipped on its head as we get Billy Knows Jamie, a hard-rock bruising of savage blows and screeching vocals. As soon as we begin to understand the inner workings of 100 gecs, the coding resets and everything goes haywire. A needle of narcotics simply wouldn’t allow you to keep with the antics of this American duo, that’s for sure.

For its garish approach in the world of hyperpop, 100 gecs constantly widen the stretch marks in absurdist pop ingenuity.

Like the name suggests, it seems that the measurement of gecs is getting larger and larger after each album output is sent out. Like a voltage overload, this is 100 gecs at their most extreme. 1000 in 2019, 10,000 in 2023, will we reach 100,000 in 2025?

Whilst you have to appreciate the chaotic lore of hyperpop – the proof is in the name in terms of what to expect – and the weird concoctions it drags in at the foot of the door like a stray cat, it’s difficult not for it to get a bit too much.

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