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//In anticipation for New Music Friday tomorrow, (it’s Friday already?!) I thought I would go back to one of my hidden favourites that was released in the midst of our global lockdown.\\


Music in Review\\:Considered as a highly established figure for his rhythmic instalments within the Nu-Funk nether region, Cory Wong has always been a hot favourite of mine. Having only become aware of his illustrious noodling through associated artists like Vulfpeck – where his development with the band led to him nestling comfortably on a touring spot – and his collaboration with an endless list of artists from Mark Scibilia to Cody Fry and Dave Koz on his own material, I’ve often kicked myself – not literally, mind – on numerous occasions for not falling into Cory’s colourful collection sooner.

Illustrious, divine, heartfelt and simply ready-for-the-day music, Wong’s sleek approach to creating cathartic acid jazz hits in all the right spots. With his distinctive Strat quack and chime sound too, proving his worth many-a time for making one static chord sound sing on its own – his work is transparently delightful.

Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood was my first Cory Wong album that opened the flood gates for me. Already pretty adept in the world of nu-funk and acid jazz being a super-hot fan of Vulfpeck and Snarky Puppy, there was no hesitation in my mind that this was an album to hold on to.

With its name, it does exactly what it says on the tin. A perfect sultry album caked in juicy goodness for feeling relaxed and feeling…well, yourself. The album hits off with its explosive number, Golden. Designed to reel you in with every triumphant trumpet hit and its laid-back off-beat stance, it doesn’t get more distinct than this. Tying in TikTok sensation “I Hear a Symphony” Cody Fry on vocals, not to mention the formulated bone build-up leading to Wong’s “wow-moment” of a ridiculously absurd guitar solo, it’s been my go-to song for those mornings when I just can’t seem to get out of bed.

Gimme that grammy. / Gimme that globe. / I can’t until we’re top shelf.

From there, despite the energy vibes dropping somewhat, it certainly doesn’t drop in interest or value, as the intricate complexities of instrumental funk come out in full force here with Airplane Mode, Restoration and Watercolours (my God, Koz’s sax playing…)

Treehouse follows on similar waves to Golden, as the guitar and synth sync fantastically into a rather youthful number. Meditation is another scratched trademark of Corys’ that lodges neatly into two quite driven pieces – this side comes with a piano solo instead and is such a good change. Team Sports is more of a quirky side-dish on the order which I love love love, a swampy mix of funk almost ladled into a gloopy melting pot of goodness: delicious. The 40-length elevator music soundtrack is rounded up with easy-going BBC News, perhaps Cory’s perfected broadcast to the world in instrumental funk on this project.

Worth a listen, 100%.Let me know your thoughts on this one before we get into new music tomorrow…

Colourful. Funky. What else you need?

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