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KAYLYDE – ‘Shadows’: EP Review

KAYLYDE bring about thumping and relentless numbers – harnessing what local Lincoln music is all about.

The Overview

Ever since the Lincoln quintet of Molly Cartawick, Sam Young, Ben Janisch, Danny LeVay and Jake Laming first burst onto the scene back in 2018, KAYLYDE have come up in leaps and bounds creating dark and compelling rock material that is just beginning to enter the plethora of great female-fronted bands similar to those inspired counterparts of We Are The Fallen and Nightwish.

Smoke and mirrors, telling me lies,

To you it’s one thing, to me it’s another

You’re a liar


Lucky Liar, KAYLYDE 2019

The Track Listing

There is a wonderful flair of consistency throughout this EP, as each song delivers what we expect – hard-hitting drums, deep guitar undertones and enriched voice.

The album starts out with no holdback as the band rips into “Ambush,” from the get-go. With a somewhat safe verse to fall back on – the chorus is simply nothing of the sort. The chorus is drilled hard and powerful with a wonderful mix of everything – strong harmony, grunting of guitars and of course, the emphatic floor tom use at the end of each chorus line that complements the song well. The striking guitar solo is quite a wonder to listen to too, as it emphatically finalises the starting song.

The EP doesn’t fall short of pace in the slightest as it enters into “Cold Blooded,” a song executed so well with its taunting vocals and echoic chords that fully deserves a much longer and more punishing breakdown rather than the 8-second glimpse we get at the 1:28 mark.

“Lucky Liar” enters new terrority for the band as they delve into a half-time feel with this staggering, perplexed song resembling a hatred for someone who misinterprets the truth – and gets away with it. Although a stretch away to what we are used to, the song is another in the repertoire with ever-lasting potential.

The EP is finalised with the strongest song to date. Simply unafraid to branch out in new ventures, this creative option drives into many surprising ideas in just one song; exploring great depth of their own playing styles along the way. Not only that, but it is well put together, as it knows full well to sink away to the depths to rise up every now and then with an explosive colour of angsty power-house from all members to a sudden eruptive end. I always seem to be wanting to go back to that bridge where that vocal screech of MMMMOREEEE can be heard. Through to through, this song seems to embody the classics of rock to a tee.

The Verdict

Dark, gloomy and mysterious, Shadows is a clever, well-made teaser that shows off the potential of what local music is supposed to sound like.

Top marks guys.

Be sure to catch KAYLYDE at The Jolly Brewer on the 29th of August with GUTS, TIDES and Man Made Fate.

One response to “KAYLYDE – ‘Shadows’: EP Review”

  1. Awsome rock band, may I say, from the roots of a certain band members dad saying to him as he was growing up, just listen to this mate. Yes, I am biased because I am Danny Levays dad !😎

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