A relocation to Brooklyn for the 22 year old, results in an alternative flourish of intriguing off-centred garage punk.

This is Romi O.

A new musical project of singer and songwriter Romi Hanoch, aptly known in diverse currents of PowerSnap and Ghost Funk Orchestra, has come to ahead following the successive release of her second single; M2M.

Initially, Romi co-founded the band PowerSnap to pursue those traditional high-octane punk and garage aesthetics – bloated power move of Chemistry demonstrates just that. Eventually though, she circled back to her initial fondness for ballads, seemingly never going away from her writing pads. However, the resulting sound is truly one-of-a-kind, still retaining those immediate elements from punk left behind but a real deep-dive into the alternative; albeit coming to light in a soothing, softer way that makes her sound all the more dynamic.

Her first single, opting for a samba-infused rhythm with jazz pragmatics, was one to pigeonhole the explosive musician. Now, with M2M as the second, we just don’t know where to put her. In a way, she’s off on her own, floating seamlessly through the clouds, handpicking her next plethora of wisdom chords and beautiful spoken words.

A tonic of electronica and guitar twang motifs, my brain just won’t let me be M2M is a unique moment in itself through the understated textures < not to mention pots and pans > and the immediate outro exploding into hard-hitting grooves as the single filters into Romi O reverently questioning whether she makes bad decisions or not. From the look of M2M Romi, I highly doubt it.

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