Queens of the Stone Age: “…Like Clockwork” – Your Album Review… A Stellar Sixth


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Dark and haunting, their sixth album is an intoxicating mix of simmering riffs and blazing eruptions that encapsulate a record perfect from start to finish.

In 2000, QOFTSA were flying high with Rated R. A blistering rock-classic album with The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret and Monsters In The Parasol, it combines all of frontman Homme’s best trailing a similar pathing to their highly anticipated follow-up of Songs For The Deaf in 2002.

But nothing remotely revolutionary to their sound was being filtered out from the riff factory … everything seemed safe and coursed to one direction and to one feeling…

Then after a mere 13-year reclusion came …Like Clockwork.

Topping the Billboard of almost everything, it is a dark gothic tale ladled with this swooning ark of uncertainty and eventually letting it all go. It’s swampy and littered with filthy bass and grooves: I love it.

Led with its more traditional inflections of I Sat By The Ocean, we began to understand that they were keen to progress somewhere slightly different this time, leading us down a dismal path that is not so familiar like we had with Rated R a few years ago.

Sandwiched between the staple thumpity-thumps of If I Had A Tail and Smooth Sailing come two brazen power ballads lingering with invigorated decorum and grace that pits both Queen’s hard and soft edges against one another, almost as if it is a battle within himself.

Not one for the faintest of hearts, album highlight of I Appear Missing is a 6-minute embroiled concoction of disconnected love and turmoil as it swerves and careens with about as much order as the song lets it have.

It’s counterpart The Vampyre of Time and Memory – with an enchanting melody and a ballistic guitar solo to match – is another favourite of mine and brings a whole new depth to the sounds of QOTSA.


Most of what you see my dear is purely for show
Because not everything that goes around comes back around you know
Holding on too long is just fear of letting go
Because not everything that goes around comes back around you know

Like Clockwork, 2013.


…Like Clockwork is not without its star-studded cast. With both Sir Elton and Alex Turner making appearances throughout, which make you question “…is that…?” while listening, is a worthy contribution to QOTSA’s efforts so far.

It doesn’t come up short either. With a commendable 10-track listing, it doesn’t include any of that unwanted filler either which makes me even more happy.

Like a feeding frenzy, we are sucking at the sap simply craving more of the dross and droll that …Like Clockwork provides.

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