OSCAR LANG: Bedroom Lo-Fi Soars to Rocky Heights


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From lo-fi to lo-frantic: Oscar Lang replaces the ladle of synth with a delectable dose of filth.

It’s often a daring assumption to declare that the rise of bedroom artists is bigger than ever and that they’re changing the way we see our mass record labels in the music industry. But local Londoner Oscar Lang is making us question just that. Fans of lo-fi bedroom pop have been aware of Oscar Lang for quite some time.

Ever since he bridged the gap between bedroom fantasy to streaming stardom with She Likes Another Boy in 2017, Lang has resonated the eclipse of finding new creative avenues in music.

Almost inundated with the lo-fi bedroom dream-inducing state of the soft and sorrowful, Oscar Lang is slowly traversing from his starry-eyed sounscapes of To Whom It May Concern to the side of bubblegum-indie shedding his acoustics for the electrics.

Almost like a stirring pot of Canadian rapper of Powfu and American singer-songwriter of Oliver Tree, Oscar Lang bridges the gap between aesthetic imperfections and hard-hitting anthems.

Abound with failings of colour, the widened-socket artist is back in 2022 with his sparkling debut, Chew The Scenery.

Although unconventional at times, his breakthrough debut is promising in all the right ways. From 21st Century Hobby to Yeah! where he finally disembarks from the disillusion with the beautiful dulcet piano Final Call. Now, Lang has never been astute with his lyricism and his quirky indie ladling is no different here – (I’m walkin’ home, I put on my headphones/Just me and my own/I turn it up and get stoned (stoned, stoned, stoned)/I’m walkin’ home, I put on my headphones/I think I’m finally alone/I turn it up and get zoned (zoned, zoned, zoned)) – but still, it is an album that is a mixed party fun of magic and you can’t help but smile and sing along.

Marking the fifth year since releasing his first, Chew the Scenery shows promising sign of experimental edge and tact of a musician who borders on the instrumental-experimental – all for it to soon smoothen around the corners resulting in an album that filters out somewhat too quickly.

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