Despite the sweet-like nature in its band name, Tigercub are anything but. Ferocious and flared up with brazen indignation, they resemble more-so like their adult companions – and with their new work of …I.W.G.F.U (an elusive acronym of I Wanna Get F*cked Up) they’re back with a BANG.

Following from their 2021 album, As Blue as Indigo, it has been a hideously heavy journey for our exciting alternatives. Their music has a flurry of excitement intertwined with a mix of heavy that we’ve all grown accustomed to from their debut, and they’ve stayed fantastically frantic throughout.

With more music to spruce up in Summer – with a posthumous 2000 Trees Festival visitation to boot in July – Tigercub are fast becoming one of my top artists to watch this week. Plus, they’re from Brighton, UK too which is an added bonus..!

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