Your Singles Review – “Hate” by Loyle Carner


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Wisdom, I fear him: Getting bodied by fast-whipped lyrical sincerity is becoming such a norm for British MCs right now. Interpolated with both the grime and jazz-rap games, the first names of Dave, Loyle and Ghetts become buzz words within a world we see ourselves in.//

A dude like Loyle Carner is riding waves within the world of alternative hip hop and jazz rap – and is still riding. Sharing the seas with creative souls like Kofi Stone and 2nd Exit, chill vibes becomes secondary nature to guys like these.

This time, we’re looking into the inquisitive thoughts of Loyle Carner on his own most recent release, Hate. An equally poetically-charged spoken word-rap crossover that we see moreso with Dave in Black, it tackles growing up as mixed race in a systemically racist UK and places the spotlight on those before him that inspired his upbringing: “Yeah, I fear the colour of my skin/I fear the colour of my kin/I still feel the colour that’s within.”

With a video to boot, – that is difficult to watch at times – it brings Carner to the forefront once more … producing another explosive masterpiece.

With a fresh and energising beat that almost succumbs to the pain of the lyrics, it still holds Carner’s essence, albeit far more abrasive and forward-thinking as opposed to what we heard in 2019’s Not Waving, But Drowning and even his debut, Yesterday’s Gone two years earlier.

A darker minor tonality to his new album, many fans are exploding with excitement at the direction Carner is set to go in. Not too dissimilar to Dave’s We’re All Alone in this Together perhaps? Still devoted to the cause, Carner is unafraid to challenge a world full of temperament already.


I hate, I love, hate the ones who think that they’re above
My grandfather told me: “Never trust in them”
But I do, yo, the ones I shouldn’t, true, I stuck with them
This is it, still, I seen men hit women


Will this self-directed rage become a continual topic throughout his upcoming album release later on in the year? We’ve not heard anything as much as a drop date for it but Carner is currently taking part in a mini-tour playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland later on this week.

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