The Angles – “The Angles” album review – NYC collective bring glow to contemplative power-pop


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You’d be surprised to know that Brooklyn-based jangly-pop outfit of The Angles is just solely written by one man. That man goes by the name Ashwin Prasanna, who has quite a year.

Forming a composite site of a distinguished live precedent in New York, he’s taking his work to new angles, so to speak. Cringe puns aside, the new year sees Prasanna release his self-titled debut, via Baby Blue Records. Equipped with the warbling sounds of his grandfather’s sitar on heritage-soaked All Your Life to the indulgent trumpet intonations on Tree Palmedo’s Moon; the eight-piece record is an album aerated with buoyant optimism sharpened with an iridescent gleam, as Prasanna flies in the sky. The glows that this dreamy album gives off almost elevates his sincere request of, “you name a place, and we’ll go,” and despite the obstacles, he makes it happen.

All in all, the eight tracks represent a period of new habits, shifting friendships and an open-arm to understanding the “traditional” world of relationships. The pensive guitar solo on Emulsion to the jangly fisticuff of explosive lead Go! is enough to make you zone in on the new work of The Angles.

Will only one turn you on?

only one garden plan?

What it takes to turn you inside out

And what it means to hold my hand

If you’re in the area, The Angles are performing at Arlene’s Grocery on the 28th of this month. So grab yourself a slice at Una Pizza, and enjoy yourself some indulgent dream-pop this Spring. For fans of NYC counterpart, JW Francis (who we recently reviewed), Teenage Fanclub and to some extent, The Velvet Underground.


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