$uicideboy$: “Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation” album review – poignant and positive


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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Songs like “Matte Black” and “1000 Blunts” bring a more care-free pragmatism to the duos work.

New Orleans rap duo $uicideboy$ rose from the dark corners of the underground, merging hip-hop with a punk and occult aesthetic fit for graveyards and clubs alike.

STANDING TALL OVER MY GRAVE: the eclectic duo ensemble return with some of their most redefined sound yet. A redemption project all about recovery, Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation is the greatest connection we’ve had to the boys so far.

With dozens of projects to their name, they released their official full-length studio debut, I Want To Die In New Orleans, in 2018. Without much mainstream attention, their path was ablaze with ferocity earning multiple gold-certified singles and storming global charts. Flash to July of 2022 where Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation also debuts in the U.S Top Ten.

A dabble of their admired-punk rock and sprinkles of rap canvasing, led them to a stir-pot blend of dark adverse rapping which many call “glitch-trap” which sounds very Halloween in itself.

Is it any wonder too when you wade through it… A 13-track collective of underground and elusive SoundCloud “emo rap” with soulful instrumentals and dream-like vocals, it certainly is a subtle far cry from the I Want to Die.. era, in 2018. The ominous atmosphere with booming bass substances are replaced with a more sweetened taste of “seeing-the-sun” music as a positive embrace sparks, Matte Black, 1000 Blunts, Escape with BABYLON and Ashes of Luxury – that have no doubt already earned their place on GTA’s Radio Los Santos picket line as vibin’-and-drivin’ necessities. All the while, still retaining self-aware humour with such songs like $uicideboy$ Were Better in 2015.

As the album keeps the heat with Fucking Your Culture, drawing out with Tyler’s Goblin-inspired THE EVIL_ THAT_ MEN_ DO that charts back to the aforementioned 2015 duo, it’s hard to ignore that this new approach is fresh, invigorating and inviting for new and old fans alike…

…and whatever you have to say about $uicideboy$, a path of broken souls strewn to depression and substance abuse leading to a clean road of recovery is a story in itself. By creating their most redefined sound yet in its most provocative way… it only elevates their music songwriting all the more so.

Ruby Da Cherry and Scrim

Although it doesn’t swoop to the 2020’s knife-edge Stop Staring at the Shadows in terms of “hits” what the execs seek, with And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around and Putrid Pride, it’s a poignant moment in the lads’ career and always worth listening to.

Matte black, smokin’ packs
Panic attacks, back to back
Xanax on my lap, debating (hmm)
Should I relapse?
But back to the hoe I was talkin’ ’bout
I just wanna put it up in her mouth
Pimping up in my blood, what’s up cuz?
Thuggin’ that dirty South

Matte Black, $uicideboy$

You can listen to it below.//

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