easy life: “MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…” album review – lo-fi lift off for Leicester locals


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Rating: 4 out of 5.

On a cold day in high-rise North London, the smudgy lo-fi five-piece of easy life told us “you don’t get any points for playing it safe.” Now two years later, that statement has never rang more true on their latest. A palpable band dowsed in a decor of musical palettes, they’re the first to refuse sticking in-between the lines. A label as simple as easy life, their music is rich in the contemporary and instrumental as much as it is heavy in lyrical arguments and passing comments.

Since the release of 2021’s life’s a beach, the immense rise to stardom the lads received was next-to-none. The dynamic duo of Nightmares / Daydreams and the idyllic-funk of Skeletons set them in motion as one of the most intriguing bands to surface. Since the looming of a sophomore album however, the band haven’t had their share of problems. Despite the album being delayed upwards of two months due to vinyl production issues, they had enough capable pre-singles that held on their own – so the name of Easy Life can remain on the fans’ lips that little bit longer.

…and so it was, just like in the fairytales, they lived out the rest of their days in absolute fucking misery, so put that in your metaphoric pipe and smoke it, mate!” // You can’t deny it. Easy Life are a nostalgic drip. Spoon fed with gorgeous lo-fi indie-lust pop, it’s sometimes an abnormal yearning for a return to what once was – and it’s sometimes loads of fun, as you live out your best days. Whether you find that in the broken stabs of GROWING PAINS (“If we get emotional
I’ma need collateral / Bring my sword and catapult / Might need paracetamol…
“), the post-romanticism of DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY (“I’ve had plenty of fishes / Now you’re close like my sis’ is / Send the warmest of wishes, but I keep hitting the post“) the tasteful MEMORY LOSS (“I attempt to jog the memory loss / Nostalgically eat candy floss / And supplements I bought from a quack”), the itchy arc of SILVER LININGS (“Rolling up with silvers, living out my best days / But they say lightning never strikes twice in the same place…“), the melancholic Bikini Bottom of MORAL SUPPORT to the bewitching BEESWAX to the Wii low-hum of BUGGIN to even the Randy Newman-inspired finale of FORTUNE COOKIE, you can be sure to resonate with one moment in the 15-track mammoth catalogue.

It may certainly be a slow-burner at first, but if you give enough time on your commute, that indifference will no doubt shake off to reveal an album that doesn’t try to be anything else other than a marvellously enjoyable one. Soon enough, you’ll be singing along with Murray’s unorthodox conversations of eating your grandma’s apple sauce on your trippy, alternative road trips into the sun.

Of course, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE… has all the markings of a “traditional” lo-fi bop album, however traditional you make lo-fi music out to be. The intentional imperfection perfections, the misplayed – and misplaced notes – the alleyway environmental noise, the therapeutic low-hum of radio batteries, or those D.I.Y audio discolouration that makes the music all the more human.

it all started off in the basement, just me and my mates trying to mark the occasion, girls popping pills and staring stare at their reflection, like “What, do I actually look like that?”, “Bro I’m ruined man, jesus”

BASEMENT, easy life

I attempt to jog the memory loss
Eat my grandma’s apple sauce
Take me back to meat and two veg
I remember fighting with my boss
Paid holiday and travel costs
I’ve no idea what happened next

MEMORY LOSS, easy life

Brimming with honesty and humble perseverance, you could argue that it is a true navigation of the band’s turbulent life post-lockdown as they juggle a cult following, as they announce local Leicester bar lock-ins to festering multi-date tours, featuring the 10,000-cap Alexandra Palace in the Spring next year.

Despite it not honing in on a more focused theme on sunshine and beaches like the debut, MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE… is a snapshot of everyday modern life contemplation packed in an awaiting suitcase at the departure lounge.

Question is, are you ready to leave or not?

Maybe in another life…

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