You think Ibiza vibes are bland? Think again… Artist Spotlight: Bonobo


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I hadn’t heard an awful lot of Bonobo since I came across him but after coming across the name across countless festival headliner slots and exclusive vinyl slots in our local Rough Trade, I decided to give him a whirl.

Now, truth be told, I’m not too familiar with those who work close to ‘dystopian electronica’ as I like to call it. Better taken as ‘brain food’ from many-a Spotify playlist, Bonobo (Simon Green) is a British DJ soloist and producer who has taken the eyes – and ears – of many electronica/dance hard-ball fanatics with his ethereal moments of release.

Green’s collective works across six studio albums have progressed the soothing sounds of compulsive and enriching DJ sampling works to their fullest. By ultimately breaking the barrier of “Ibiza anthem” stigma, he has reached the happy medium of satisfying both ends of the spectrum only artists can dream of.

Fit for the warm glow of golden hour, or the sunrise on a dapple spring lake or even the perfect marketing accompaniment for those Jet2Holidays mark-ups, Bonobo’s latest “Fragments” has all of this bagged up and packaged nice and neatly for you to indulge on.

The stalwart musician has an impressive résumé to say the least. Six studio albums. Three GRAMMY nominations. Landing top ten albums in multiple countries. Achieving Billboard dance album number one to landing on three-times sold out Alexandara Palace to multiple headliner repeats at Fuji Rock Festival, Japan.

Of course, for an artist like Bonobo, the most extravagant and awe-inspiring locations to play his music, the better it all is. So you can just imagine he’s played in some wondrous locations. To the depths of a humid rainforest jungle to his residential LA sandy beaches with the sun-breeze and finally to those textbook arena dance-floors under the moon-glow of Ibiza.

I would recommend to listen to “Rosewood,” “Cirrus” and “Break Apart” to get a feel for Green as all three songs stretch across his expansive journey as a musician.


2 responses to “You think Ibiza vibes are bland? Think again… Artist Spotlight: Bonobo”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    I’m familiar with only a little of Bonobo’s music, but really like what I’ve heard. I’m a sucker for hypnotic electronica, trip hop and EDM.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah it’s slowly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. The stigma of Ibiza anthems has been trampled on in the past but I’d love to go to Ibiza and listen to Bonobo. This “brain food” of space tranquility is fantastic.

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