Single Spotlight: Bad Friday by Everything Everything


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Your Single Spotlight this week comes in the form of high-octave enthused indie-alternative group Everything Everything. After the successive follow up of lockdown-stricken RE-ANIMATOR in 2020 – where a virtual gig also took place – comes RAW DATA FEEL expected nearing the end of May next month.

They have already released 80s-techno inspired I Want A Love Like This and Teletype, a single very much influenced by their 2015’s Get To Heaven, and now comes Bad Friday. Three huge big-hitters right out the gate for three pre-singles, it sets up huge precedent for their sixth studio album, aswell as continuing their pre-album tour this month. You can listen to their three-piece EP ‘slodge’ of goodness below:

I’m other news, Fontaines D.C’s Skinty Fia drops TOMORROW. Friday 22nd April. Be here for all the latest reviews and talks about it.x

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