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Angels & Airwaves: “Lifeforms” Album Review

Europhic with such a love of driven electronica and synth to push it across the line, Angels & Airwaves “Lifeforms” – the first album from A&A where Delonge is no longer a formal member of Blink-182 – is a highly driven, highly powerful pop-punk album of vindication.

Similar to that of the Da-Vinci inspired artwork, Lifeforms is a direct impasse to the theory of The Virtuvian Man where –

“everything connects to everything else.”

Drawing on DeLonge’s past project-influences with Automatic something out of Barker’s side project of Box Car Racer, Restless Souls feeding on a roaring number charting hope and escapism, Time Bomb straight out of the debut-on of We Don’t Need To Whisper and power-house standout Europhia sneaking out of the B-sides of Blink-182’s 2011 album of Neighbourhoods.

Unlike anything released before, this album comes with a gratifying purpose and a cocksure approach to writing larger-than-life songs that weigh up well against one another. Despite a lazier tact by sticking two pre-singles from 2019 on the backend of the album with Rebel Girl and Kiss & Tell, it’s something that can be let off as the album is impressive as it is power-hungry with very little flaws of execution.

Despite upset among Blink’s fans since DeLonge’s departure in 2015, it was certainly a educated ploy – especially if we were to receive Lifeforms off the back of it …

2 replies on “Angels & Airwaves: “Lifeforms” Album Review”

Yeah, it certainly took me by surprise when I had the full listen. Some avid favourites on here that I will return to, for sure. Let me know your thoughts when you get around to having a listen 🙂


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