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Amidst a worldwide pandemic, indie-alternative favourites Nothing But Thieves screech out what we’ve been asking ourselves throughout this turmoil of tyranny with …


Mixing the collusive works of elusive alternative rock with the freeing styles of pop, Nothing But Thieves have risen to crucial acclaim from such singles like Amsterdam and Sorry which were both drawn from their eponymous album, Broken Machine in 2017.

Now, returning where we have often needed new thoughts of power more now than ever, the works of Moral Panic is a crucial element of social prowess reflecting thoughts, feelings and strong emotions on a bereft society. Where moments of morality are questioned with Can You Afford to be an Individual? and Is Everybody Going Crazy? – there are also moments of some sort of hope tucked away with Impossible and Real Love Song.

Although not as technically challenging or as emphatic as the fan-favourite of Broken Machine, Moral Panic is certainly a lockdown album spurred on in the moment with an expulsion of energy, belief, anger all brought to life.

With their eclectic collection now summarised in a complete collection – with works incorporated from their second EP from the same project, Moral Panic II – it is a worthy listen whatever the time of day you find yourself at.

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