nothing, nowhere: “void eternal” Album Review


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Rating: 4 out of 5.

No artist feels the most misunderstood than nothing, nowhere. A tranquil home of heavy emo-rockers, nothing, nowhere is a fiery companion we all need every once in a while.

please taste my pain.

When ruiner officially dropped in the spring of 2018, Joseph Edward Mulherin, better known as nothing, nowhere was a musical phenomenon. An outsider deep in the burrowing pits of emo-rock and escapist punk, Mulherin was brought in to the inner circle, his emotive rapping interlaced over trap beats were captive to an equally emotive audience. The feeling of escapism tripled in size when Trauma Factory dropped in late-2021. An impactful record with a conceptual memory behind it all – human life is a trauma factory. This time, Mulherin had more than just words to his arsenal. TF brought a brazen figure of drum lashings and fierce guitar chords along with his ever-reliable trap beats woven into ‘contemporary’ rap.

Trauma Factory took nothing, nowhere to new heights. From surprise-bedroom artist to highly-spirited emo vocalist with a commendable roster to boot, he was on the warpath for making history. Now, into the sixth year of his compendium, comes Void Eternal, a lusting for the final nail in the coffin. Bleary-eyed heavy rock, teetering on the surface of heavy metal itself.

Void Eternal sees nothing, nowhere take a leaf out of the likes of Linkin Park’s wad of emporiums, as he dissects heartfelt lyrical wisdom into emphatic punky-spirited rap-rock. TRAG3DY is a screechy cry-out for hope, as the echoic sirens blare into vocal screeching, a trait seen in repertoire from the likes of Underoath and Static Dress. Less so in nothing, nowhere‘s work. Good job he has them on hand for both FORTUNE_TELLER and VEN0M then, two songs equally emotively powerful than the last.

Pete Wentz’s CYAN1DE has tropes of nothing, nowhere’s new fleshed-outlier style, aggressive rap vocals wrapped up in a confetti chorus of streaking guitar alarms and four-to-the-floor drums, as Mulherin screeches, “I want to watch you burn alive, I want to be your cyanide.”

The album doesn’t let you bat your eyes away even for a fleeting moment as we end with sorrowful MEMORY_FRACTURE, a willingness to forget painful memories. It may be borderline emo-rock that may have had its fair minute in the sun; but we always need a reliable companion in the ears to scream out at with.

Some say it’s full-on, some say it’s over the top, I reckon it’s a emotion at its best.

A tense outbreak of musicianship as nothing, nowhere bares it all on his most heavy record yet.

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