House of EL: “Pull Up” ft Saeyki Singles Review


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A multi-hyphenate creative dobbed as “the UK’s answer to Steve Lacy,” House of El returns.

The swampy magnitude of Pull Up comes off the back of his When It Rains It Pours EP which landed earlier this year. Garnering intuitive attention from the alternative whiz-kids with Something Special, he intends to keep the music and momentum flowing.

Swathed in drippy bass lines and a high preverbal voice, Something Special was indeed… something special. But House of El’s next chapter is something more of a plot twist. Pull Up is a colostomy bag of true hip-hop altruism. The track itself features Virginia-native and alt hip-hop artist compadre Saeyki: with each of the men using their lyrical contributions to detail their experiences and struggles as black creatives. It has the dark depravities of Tyler, the Creators’ recent LUMBERJACK off the bat, but soon cools down into a wonderland of alternative hip-hop destined for a seaside resort, much like what we hear on Tylers’ own CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.

It has all the deliverance of Tyler’s excursions but has all the soaring vox instrumentals as a Steve Lacy record does. A song so befitting on the B-side of Gemini Rights, for instance. An extremely in-depth artist always looking for fresh finds in the undergrowth. And fresh finds he will always find. Certainly if it’s going down the path of Pull Up.

There’s not a doubt I’ll be back – hungry for more.

House of El‘s new stuff has been promptly added to our Most Exciting… playlist:

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