Let’s Talk: Discussing the Music

For a new series we are starting February, we’d like to set topics and get discussions flowing surrounding all elements in the music industry.

With any comments valid without reason, join in the conversations, and let’s learn something new together.

With over 100 comments noted since its first release in February already, get involved.

JUNE 2021


Let’s Talk: Can you imagine a car journey without music?

Let’s Talk: Are Music Videos Dead?

Let’s Talk: Can music cure our planet?

Let’s Talk: What are your top vinyl picks?

MAY 2021 (5)


Let’s Talk: What’s On Your Mind?

Let’s Talk: What song provokes a memory?

Let’s Talk: What do you HATE music?

Let’s Talk: What’s Your Favourite Song Right Now?

Let’s Talk: Why Do We Hate Coldplay?

APRIL 2021 (5)


Let’s Talk: What’s your First Live Music Gig Memory … and who was playing?

Let’s Talk: What’s Your Favourite Music Album?

Let’s Talk: Will we ever run out of music?

Let’s Talk: Can ANYONE be a Musician?

Let’s Talk: When does good music turn bad?

MARCH 2021 (8)


Let’s Talk: What are your music plans for the future?

Let’s Talk: What is the PERFECT Summer music anthem to you?

Let’s Talk: What’s your most treasured music memory?

Thought for the Day: Music 2021

Let’s Talk: Can song lyrics be considered as a form of poetry?

Let’s Talk: Are Women Underrepresented in Music?

Let’s Talk: Is there Personality in Music Anymore?

Let’s Talk: Is Rock Dead?

FEBRUARY 2021 (5)


Let’s Talk: Have Music Charts Become Pointless?

Let’s Talk: Why do you Listen to Music?

Let’s Talk: Are Music Albums Dead?

Let’s Talk: Are we over-saturated with music?

Let’s Talk: How much does a cover art matter to you in music?