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April 2022


Makign GRAMMYs History: The Work of Jon Batiste

Let’s Talk: We Can’t Lose the Leadmill

March 2022


Let’s Talk: The “Downfall” of Machine Gun Kelly

Let’s Talk: What was the last album you bought, downloaded or listened to?

Giacchino’s Magic: The Power of Music in “The Batman”

Russia and PRS: How Does it Affect our Music Industry?

COPYRIGHT WARS: Dua Lipa v Artikal Sound System

February 2022


Neil Diamond Joins Roster of Selling Entire Catalogue to Universal

How Avril Lavigne Has Turned Back Time: The Pop-Punk Revitalisation

How TikTok Revitalised 2008’s Music: The Hayloft Story

Let’s Talk: What would you change about the modern music industry – and why?


January 2022


Let’s Talk: Do we appreciate album artwork anymore?


Let’s Talk: The Hopes and Uncertainties of UK Touring during COVID

Let’s Talk: Your Release Radar – First of 2022

December 2021


Let’s Talk: Year in Review 2021

Let’s Talk: BRIT 2022: Should gender categories be scrapped?

Let’s Talk: Should the music industry be doing MORE to support climate change?

Let’s Talk: Music venues call for help as variant worry spreads ..

November 2021


Let’s Talk: The Power of Cover – Are Tribute Artists Overrated?


Let’s Talk: Adele and the Vinyl Delay: What’s the Problem?

Let’s Talk: Is “Fave” the Future of our Music Fandom Engagement?

Let’s Talk: World of Music Licensing

Let’s Talk: London – The Music Hub



Let’s Talk: Project Revitalise – More than a third of UK music industry workers lost jobs in 2020.

Let’s Talk: Coldplay: Is an “Eco-Friendly World Tour” a Pointless Expedition?

Let’s Talk: What was your favourite music from the 2010s?
Let’s Talk: What makes an artist SUCCESSFUL?



How influential is Tik Tok to the future of the music industry?

How important is social media to our music?

Let’s Talk: Are Record Labels Relevant Anymore?

Let’s Talk: What artist has made you stop in your tracks?



Let’s Talk: Why are Singing Competitions Dead?

Let’s Talk: The best music to commute to?

JULY 2021


Let’s Talk: Do you listen to the radio anymore?

What’s the Greatest Music Album Created?

Is integrity everything in music?

Has Ed Sheeran “sold his soul” to the music industry?

Are The Beatles Overrated?

Who’s the WORST British Musician?

Best of British Music: Who TOPS your List?

JUNE 2021


Why do we love writing music?

Let’s Talk: Can you imagine a car journey without music?

Let’s Talk: Are Music Videos Dead?

Let’s Talk: Can music cure our planet?

Let’s Talk: What are your top vinyl picks?

MAY 2021 (5)


Let’s Talk: What’s On Your Mind?

Let’s Talk: What song provokes a memory?

Let’s Talk: What do you HATE music?

Let’s Talk: What’s Your Favourite Song Right Now?

Let’s Talk: Why Do We Hate Coldplay?

APRIL 2021 (5)


Let’s Talk: What’s your First Live Music Gig Memory … and who was playing?

Let’s Talk: What’s Your Favourite Music Album?

Let’s Talk: Will we ever run out of music?

Let’s Talk: Can ANYONE be a Musician?

Let’s Talk: When does good music turn bad?

MARCH 2021 (8)


Let’s Talk: What are your music plans for the future?

Let’s Talk: What is the PERFECT Summer music anthem to you?

Let’s Talk: What’s your most treasured music memory?

Thought for the Day: Music 2021

Let’s Talk: Can song lyrics be considered as a form of poetry?

Let’s Talk: Are Women Underrepresented in Music?

Let’s Talk: Is there Personality in Music Anymore?

Let’s Talk: Is Rock Dead?

FEBRUARY 2021 (5)


Let’s Talk: Have Music Charts Become Pointless?

Let’s Talk: Why do you Listen to Music?

Let’s Talk: Are Music Albums Dead?

Let’s Talk: Are we over-saturated with music?

Let’s Talk: How much does a cover art matter to you in music?