The Power of TikTok: ‘Victoria’s Secret’ goes viral


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In true TikTok fashion, another song has risen to critical acclaim showcasing societal issues within our day-ti-day lifestyles. This one, with a 7 million tag and a flash mob on it.

Body-positivity Anthem, Victoria’s Secret: “she was made up by a dude.” //

Jax, 26, from New York, took to TikTok to show off her new song slamming Victoria’s Secret for creating body image issues. To raise awareness for not only her young daughter – but for the other younger generations, too. Like anything with viable content on TikTok worthy talking about, it took off at immense speed. The video, featuring her attaining a flash mob outside Victoria’s Secret in New York, has amassed over 7 million views. Annoyingly catchy and vibrantly impactful, it has really hammered home the body shaming imagery that takes place day-to-day in our “glam dram” fashion etiquettes and lifestyles.

The Power of TikTok rises again. Whether it be a revitalisation of a once-stale band, raising important awareness to crucial topics worth discussing about – or whether it fits both, TikTok is a studious tale of how deviously clever it can be as a social media site to share your message – with blistering pace.

Much to the downfall of the brand Victoria’s Secret themselves (who still remain quiet, mind), it has legitimised the unruly operations of these mass conglomerates in the world. Maybe, just maybe…we’ll begin to start questioning more about what we consume.

You can view the flash mob itself down below and see for yourself if it’s as annoyingly catchy as everyone is saying it is!

Question is: has the catchiness of the bubblegum-pop played a part in its augural popularity? Or has the context of the song pushed it this far on its own?

I know Victoria’s secret
And girl, you wouldn’t believe
She’s an old man who lives in Ohio
Making money off of girls like me
Cashing in on body issues
Selling skin and bones with big boobs
I know Victoria’s secret
She was made up by a dude (dude)

Victoria’s Secret, JAX

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