It wouldn’t be the usual music blog without a post about Glastonbury this year. With the weather staying true to form as any year at Worthy Farm, this years’ festival was a weekend rife full of love, laughter, peace and fun, stamping another footprint-sized hole into British music and culture. From the turbulent hiatus of postponing 50-year celebrations due to the pandemic for the festival, over 215,000 joined arms again in the Somerset fields.

This year’s festival has featured it’s youngest-ever solo headline in Billie Eilish and Sir Paul McCartney as the oldest. Just as emphatic on his own, Paul was also on stage with Dave Grohl – mere months after Taylor Hawkins’ passing – and Bruce Springsteen in a compelling line-up of rock legends. As well as the music, activist Greta Thunberg also made a special appearance. 

Pyrotechnic pop, unadulterated angsty-rock, techno waves, psychedelic funk, eclectic jazz. All corners of music is never not missed at the site of Glastonbury. Alongside the music – featuring special surprise sets from George Ezra on the John Peel Stage and Jack White on the Other Stage – is an immeasurable wave of art, culture, fashion, peace and overall positive vibes.

A weekend to remember and a year to remember as its 50th year in history, Glastonbury Festival 2022 was a true spectacle of wonderment as we came together again – like nothing had ever happened. I didn’t manage to get up to much this weekend because I was stuck in front of the box all weekend, eyes glued firmly on what next marvel or mystery may flicker past. Here’s hoping that I won’t be doing the same next year and this time next year, I will be witnessing it myself in the fields living it large. See y’all in 2023!

2 responses to “Glastonbury 2022: A Year to Remember”

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    the press music reviews

    Great review

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Many thanks, mate! Hope you enjoyed the festivities. Any upcoming festivals you are planning on going to this Summer?

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