Let’s Talk: Will we ever run out of music?


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Liable lawsuits, copyright claims … and only so many notes to play with – will we ever run out of music?

It’s an important topic to discuss after all – as popular music confirms to the usual and sticks to a particular format of notes because it works, will we see more and more music take “inspiration” from those before them and ultimately wind up a disarray among other artists?

I always feel that there will come a time when – certainly for the popular genres – we will indeed run out of conformity and the comfortable. Here, we will more likely re-introduce old genres forgotten or venture into unknown terrority of writing music we’ve never heard of before. Even that will be a mighty feat to comprehend. After all, there is only so many notes, right?

It is still fairly respectable that these music artists and their corresponding songwriter teams, are still drudging up songs that do not formally slip into songs that have already been made. There is certainly an adaptation of the rules at play here. With so many popular songs within the same key, same note configuration and ideas, I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened already.

Either way, let me know your thoughts below on this one.

9 responses to “Let’s Talk: Will we ever run out of music?”

  1. jewishyoungprofessional avatar

    An interesting question! I don’t think we will run out of music same as we won’t run out of art even though there are only a finite number of colors visible to the human eye and same as we won’t run out of literature even though each language has a limited number of characters in their alphabet.
    That said, marketing music for commercial success has led towards more similarity. We won’t run out of music, but the market may push too far towards conformity, which is unfortunate. (Even though I will admit, I like a lot of popular overplayed songs on the radio).

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      An equally insightful answer, my friend! Thanks for the share. No, you’re spot on with that, I think we’ll always find ways to create music – no matter how odd it may sound! Yeah you can’t beat the overplayed popular songs on the radio haha


  2. jarilissima avatar

    The reason I fell headfirst into K-pop was because they seem to take risks and try new sounds. There’s been a few bands that have stood out to me with their creativity, and they are reaping the monetary rewards of that. (Same with some foreign films.)

    Meanwhile, it seems the U.S. is stuck with increasingly vulgar lyrics (WAP, anyone?) and superhero movies and remakes. (I’m hearing rumors of a Tank Girl remake, and I’m thinking… please just leave that alone! x-D)

    I’m still waiting for that Nirvana-like band that changes music, but I don’t think I’m seeing it…

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      No you’re right with this, WAP is horrendous music that tarnishes the popular music work reputation. K-Pop is excelling in every segment right now that’s for sure! Fun and damn catchy music is the best way forward .. yeah we’re still awaiting for that band – there’s a few contenders but, they’re still too fresh off the blocks – time will tell!

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  3. believableshe83 avatar

    I would just like to comment that this crosses my mind frequently.
    The ability for humans to produce original, creative art (of all genres) is almost more than my mind can handle.
    How can we not run out of new material? There are only so many colors in a rainbow… or “so many notes to play with”
    Ouch. My brain hurts.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah, I know right? It’s simply crazy how we haven’t run out of original work yet, and people are still finding ways to tinker the system, exploit holes and still make original music. The mind boggles ..

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  4. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    An interesting question and topic ManVMusic! I agree that WAP and its ilk are horrendous, and I’m happy to see much younger people like you and jarilissima state your distaste for it. That said, I have noticed a lot of music these days borrowing from – or at least heavily influenced by – 80s synthpop, just as a lot of rock music seems to still draw upon elements of 70s punk, 80s new wave and early 90s grunge. I do like how quite a few artists these days, from twenty one pilots to Kenny Hoopla to MISSIO, incorporate or mix all kinds of genres into their own unique sounds. While there are only so many chords to choose from, musicians seem adept at coming up with infinitely different melodies, chord progressions and such to keep their music sounding fresh.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah you’re most certainly right with this. There’s definitely a lot of integration with synth nowadays with the likes of The Weeknd driving the force with this one. Suppose nostalgic vibes in music sells just as good as music “in the now.” I’m all for it because I love genres from the past. It shows just how influenced these musicians really are with their work and what themes they draw from. Musicians certainly have a knack for it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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