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We’ve been engrossed in Chris Martin’s charade of swell pop contemplation since 2000.

Running strong for over 20 years in the industry, they have become one of the biggest bands in pop phenomena history – charting unknown territory and raising to global stardom, all the raising critical acclaim for emphatic albums that hold beautiful pieces of music within them.

But what’s happened? Over the years, it seems we have grown tired of the same formula and the distastefulness of writing burnt-out pop – and Coldplay are next in line. It seems marginally unwarranted and frankly, undeserved for a class act of musicians who simply make music to make us happy.

Selling 75 million copies worldwide and selling sold-out arena shows and tours , they still have a hardened fan base that will simply love anything they produce. I mean, anything.

But, those lot who sneer at the prospect of Coldplay and their music – are they right?

I have seen them live and avidly love to see them doing so well, especially after growing up with the first three albums they made. But, it seems I have fallen off the radar with such a colossal band and instead, have turned to those who are simply new and upcoming. The news of new music from Coldplay doesn’t fill me with that eager excitement you’d want from a band you’re a fan of. For me, I don’t think they have their shine or edge they used to have during the 2010s. Their new album has a sense of pretentiousness about it and doesn’t have a majorly beautiful or uplifting song within the exhausting song-list. And frankly, it’s off-putting. After running for so long at the top of their game, are they set to be toppled? It wouldn’t be the first time – nor would it be a rare occasion for a huge, successful band to simply hang up their sticks and retire, satisfied with what they’ve achieved in such a hot-climate industry. The case of scraping the barrel really comes into play, right? Especially after the displays of Everyday Life. Or will they simply let the uncharted brand of the band carry them until they’re 70? It wouldn’t totally surprise me if a band like Coldplay would be next to simply shut up shop and sell their song-writing rights to a company for millions.

Now, whether you have been a fan of Coldplay or never were from the start, I’m intrigued into what you have to say about a band like Coldplay.

Has their reputation of “boring” and “stale” finally caught up with them? Or are these merely transfections from salty fans and artists who haven’t received the same acclaim as these boys have done?

Either way, let me know.

24 responses to “Why do we hate Coldplay?”

    • Ahh I see ok – kind of one-the-fence opinion of their music? I’ve never known anyone to be like that with their music but fair play! I think the reputation of such a band that makes such mellow pop is always under fire for the music they make I guess …

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      • I think you’re right about the mellow pop effect. They are definitely ubiquitous, but my personal taste gravitates more towards high-energy bops (for lack of better word) so perhaps that’s why I don’t have a stronger opinion on Coldplay!

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      • Haha yeah that’s quite possibly the reason, my friend! That being said, I’d love to know your thoughts on their recent release. It just came out today.

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  1. I love Coldplay, and have long been a fan of theirs. I agree that their best work was during the 2000s, with such stellar albums as “A Rush of Blood to the Head”, “X&Y” and “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends”, but I also thought 2014’s “Ghost Stories” was great too. And like you, an announcement of new music from them doesn’t elicit the same amount of excitement in me that it once did.

    I’ve never understood all the hate for them either, but get why some are ambivalent to their music. It’s got to be a real challenge for a major artist or band to keep putting out quality music that sounds fresh and new after more than 20 years, and I think many of them hit a few snags along the way.

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    • Yeah absolutely, I think you’re spot on with that. I can’t imagine the pressure of such a top band having to perform after each album release. But of course, when you and I will become disinterested, two others will start to be a fan of their new music and the cycle starts all over again!

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  2. 💜 Basically EveryOne “Coldplay” Boils Down to that Miserable Muthafuka Chris and His Failed Relationship with that Beastly Blonde Bitch Gwyneth; listen carefully to The Lyrics especially YOU!!! Boys Wondering Why YOUR!!! Exes Left and Where Those Damn Bitches ARE NOW!!! and Who WITH!!!




    💜 Basically Chris Martin and His Fellow Group Members, especially The Guy who Lays Down The Music for The Rest to Write the Lyrics to, ARE Venting Very Nicely about Nasty Evil Ex Bitches Who Metaphorically Tore Their Balls Off; now, what Boy with Multiple Ex Girls wouldn’t understand that Simple yet Complex Truth 🤔 ?…but why would The Evil Bitches STILL LURK!!! and Cast Spells is Definitely The Most Pertinent Question; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that “Coldplay” ARE The Nice Boys who Don’t Get The Girl and I AM The Bad Boy who Doesn’t Get The Girl Either…so I put it Bluntly, Brutally and Simply; ergo Girls ARE Fucked Up In The Head by Mothers Jealous of Fathers whether Absent or Present and Doting…so I Suggest research for More Info In To Unravelling The Mystery about Girls; the Lying Bitches Hate Being Found Out

    … 💛💚💙…

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    • 💜 Yup Boys and Girls it sounds Bitter; but Fact is SHE!!! Tore My Balls off and I Grew Them Back, a bit like some Boys who have had Genitals Literally Sliced Off or Been Stabbed to Death in Their Sleep…so Be Careful Boys; just sayin’


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      • 💜 As a Writer what I AM about to Say is a Little Bit ANATHEMA!!! to Me; the Simple yet Complex Truth EveryOne is that Words don’t Really Mean Much to Any of Us apart from The Importance We, OurSelves, Attach to Them…so for a Person to Say “I don’t understand what you’re saying…” means They ARE Fully Focused on THE VIBE!!! and, of course, Music is about Vibrational Resonation both Good and Bad; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Music Really Affects Our Moods


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  4. That looks like a bot that you were having a conversation with ☝ hahaha. I really liked Parachutes when it came out, it seemed a bit depressing but I liked it. The other albums really sounded like more of the same to me and I didn’t like them at all. Also the band itself seem very generic and boring, they are not innovators at all. There is something very dull about them, also Chris and his Wife are like these smug, full of themselves alphas and that is really annoying.

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    • Yeah I really think he was 🙃🤣 .. yeah the only first three albums they’ve made are good and packed with decent material. After the fourth or so, you’re right, they became much more generic and boring and that’s probably where they got the stigma of lifeless pop and cringe worthy moments about love in pop music 😂😂 – the new song is a snooze fest too, not excited anymore that’s for sure


  5. “…has a sense of pretentiousness about it” This sums it up very well for me! I can’t put my finger on it, but they just seem so pretentious to me. Other than Parachutes, way back in 2000, I’ve not enjoyed their music.

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    • Ah right yeah – that certainly seems to be the same for many people – just zoning out of their debut because they pretty much just all sound the same. They have a few nice moments on the second and third but they soon begin to fall in on one another.

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  6. We hate Coldplay? That’s news to me!

    I don’t hate them. I saw them live once. They took the big balloon idea from Flaming Lips, but I don’t fault them for it. It’s a great idea!

    Chris Martin has to be one of the nicer guys in music, from what I’ve seen.

    Their first three albums were solid. In fact, the guitar riff from Fix You still plays as my my favourite hockey team takes to the ice.

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