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On this quite frankly, miserable Monday morning – – let’s talk.

Through everything, why do you listen to music? Is it to keep you from being alone? Does it give you nostalgic vibes from your childhood or .. does it simply make you happy? Is music your imperative drug to earn a living? Or is it simply a casual hobby every other weekend?

I think the more important question to ask, would be – why don’t you listen to music? Undesirable as it is – certainly for me – there are actually people who don’t actively listen to music, and merely listen to it because they have to; either via the car radio, in shops and restaurants. Here, it is merely used as background music, something to fill the silence. But we actively go out of our way to play and listen to music; how so?

For me, it is the ultimate community to get involved with. Regardless of your past, your present or what kind of person you are, you can always get along with people who share your same musical tastes. Conversations that are never-ending, music is the ultimate starter. It is also slightly addictive for me. Finding new artists, listening to new genres before the majority has and exploring the musicality of it all. For me, music is relaxing and un-relaxing at the same time.

But what about you? What makes you listen to music?


5 responses to “Let’s Talk: Why do you Listen to Music?”

  1. Great question. For me, it’s quite different to you. I enjoy music the most when it’s personal, and first and foremost, it’s what I feel when I’m all alone with it that will determine how attached I get to a song. After that point the community aspect definitely comes into play.

    “For me, music is relaxing and un-relaxing at the same time” – great line, the best music is 100% this.

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    • Ah yeah you’re spot on. The personal touches to music are the best, can’t fault it when it’s like that. Thanks for stopping by, intrigued on your perspective with this one.

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  2. I listen to music for a variety of different reasons, to drown out screaming children on public transport. To relax myself in a stressful situation, to motivate me, it’s got a million uses – I hadn’t even realised how many uses music has in my life until I read this post!

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