music in review. music in discussions.

Does the cover art reflect your general mood to the music?

Does it influence how you listen to the music?

Or does it simply annoy or not benefit you when the music does not match the cover art at all?

… And when does the cover become more important than the music itself?

Hey all! I decided to introduce a new segment into my daily uploads on here, deeming it a title of “Let’s Talk” where we well, talk. About? I’ve not idea. Whatever comes to my mind first, to be honest. But it’ll mostly all about music and its industry. This week, I figured we could start out with a very opinionated subject in the music world. Music and the importance of cover art.

Often, I sit there wondering with an album and its related cover art, how it reflects the feel and the sound of the album so flawlessly. Obviously, cover art in itself is meant to represent the music behind them, and regardless of the point of playing music in the first place, their involvement is not all that important, but surely some must point you in a general direction, right?

Let’s talk. Let me know if you have a fond passion of cover art to its reflective music …

or if you simply just like the pretty colours they picked.

7 responses to “Let’s Talk: How much does a cover art matter to you in music?”

  1. On one hand, I think the album cover is not that important, but on the other side, it adds to the whole for the consumer.
    Of course, the album cover can be just cosmetics for a piece of crap music. I have seen covers that make me want to check out the music only to be disappointed. I have heard many albums with crappy covers, but excellent music.
    I think the cover can enhance the experience for the consumer. I love an album cover that is pure art, especially if it reflects that artist. Led Zeppelin has some really interesting covers.
    I just looked at a list of best album covers of all-time and I was not impressed at all. I guess all of them could have just a brown paper bag cover like Led Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door.

    I like what you doing here.

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    • Ah thanks man, appreciate the feedback and support with all of these, means a lot. Yeah, you’re not wrong at all with that. Album covers can provide a whole lot more to the music but if it’s crap music to begin with? It’s all moot at that point. Zeppelin have some good covers that are kind of themed throughout and really reflects their music not wavering at all, too. To be honest, I think we’re just too a big Zep fans 😉

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