We Can’t Lose the Leadmill: Iconic music venue set for eviction..


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Questions surrounding the future of Steel City’s The Leadmill iconic music venue have arisen astoundingly since they announced an eviction for the venue in one years’ time. On Friday, a statement was raised on their website:


“Today we have received some devastating news that in one year’s time, our Landlord is trying to evict us, forcing us to close …since 1980 The Leadmill has spent millions of pounds on what was a derelict warehouse, transforming it into one of the U.K’s most respected venues where countless acts from across the globe have performed over the years.”

“Without The Leadmill, the building we currently occupy would be nothing more than a derelict old flour mill.”

Sheffield natives, The Arctic Monkeys have voiced their concern recently online sharing their thoughts and feelings on an established venue that has supported and helped their career in more ways than one since 2006.

Just last year for instance, The Leadmill shared their gratitude after Arctic Monkeys raised over £100,000 through a charity raffle of frontman Alex Turner’s guitar. More specifically, his black Stratocaster which he performed with on numerous occasions at The Leadmill and at Reading Festival in 2006.

Since news of the eviction broke, fellow musicians and supporters within the music industry have poured out their heartfelt sympathy in an effort to save one of our mostly highly-sought and established music venues in the north. Having gotten through the disparity of the pandemic with our live music venues, it would be such a shame to lose such a venue during a time where we are seeing our industry reach its highest since pre-lockdown in 2019.

With the current bosses, Electric Group, hitting back with a rebuttle stating that they’d be removing the current management – but keeping the building foundations the same as a music venue, only time will tell if The Leadmill will be able to survive.

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